Here's why you should not wash the chicken

Here's why you should not wash the chicken

Here's why you should not wash the chicken

According to the very serious Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom, it is no longer necessary to wash the chicken before cooking it for good reason! By manipulating it, even under a jet of water, the bacteria spread into the sink and onto the hands of the one who washes the meat instead of being eliminated.

This has the effect of considerably increasing the risk of cross-contamination, especially as by baking, the bacteria contained in the chicken (such as Salmonella and Campylobacter) are killed because they are exposed to high heat. However, not that housewives and cooks are convinced anytime soon.

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Heres, why, you, should, not, wash, the, chicken, According, to, the, very, serious, Food, Standards, Agency, of, the, United, Kingdom, it, is, no, longer, necessary, to, wash, the, chicken, before, cooking, it, for, good, reason, By, manipulating, it, even, under, a, jet, of, water, the, bacteria, spread, into, the, sink, and, onto, the, hands, of, the, one, who, washes, the, meat, instead, of, being, eliminated, This, has, the, effect, of, considerably, increasing, the, risk, of, crosscontamination, especially, as, by, baking, the, bacteria, contained, in, the, chicken, such, as, Salmonella, and, Campylobacter, are, killed, because, they, are, exposed, to, high, heat, However, not, that, housewives, and, cooks, are, convinced, anytime, soon, Heres why, why you, you should, should not, not wash, wash the, the chicken, chicken According, According to, to the, the very, very serious, serious Food, Food Standards, Standards Agency, Agency of, of the, the United, United Kingdom, Kingdom it, it is, is no, no longer, longer necessary, necessary to, to wash, wash the, the chicken, chicken before, before cooking, cooking it, it for, for good, good reason, reason By, By manipulating, manipulating it, it even, even under, under a, a jet, jet of, of water, water the, the bacteria, bacteria spread, spread into, into the, the sink, sink and, and onto, onto the, the hands, hands of, of the, the one, one who, who washes, washes the, the meat, meat instead, instead of, of being, being eliminated, eliminated This, This has, has the, the effect, effect of, of considerably, considerably increasing, increasing the, the risk, risk of, of crosscontamination, crosscontamination especially, especially as, as by, by baking, baking the, the bacteria, bacteria contained, contained in, in the, the chicken, chicken such, such as, as Salmonella, Salmonella and, and Campylobacter, Campylobacter are, are killed, killed because, because they, they are, are exposed, exposed to, to high, high heat, heat However, However not, not that, that housewives, housewives and, and cooks, cooks are, are convinced, convinced anytime, anytime soon, Heres why you, why you should, you should not, should not wash, not wash the, wash the chicken, the chicken According, chicken According to, According to the, to the very, the very serious, very serious Food, serious Food Standards, Food Standards Agency, Standards Agency of, Agency of the, of the United, the United Kingdom, United Kingdom it, Kingdom it is, it is no, is no longer, no longer necessary, longer necessary to, necessary to wash, to wash the, wash the chicken, the chicken before, chicken before cooking, before cooking it, cooking it for, it for good, for good reason, good reason By, reason By manipulating, By manipulating it, manipulating it even, it even under, even under a, under a jet, a jet of, jet of water, of water the, water the bacteria, the bacteria spread, bacteria spread into, spread into the, into the sink, the sink and, sink and onto, and onto the, onto the hands, the hands of, hands of the, of the one, the one who, one who washes, who washes the, washes the meat, the meat instead, meat instead of, instead of being, of being eliminated, being eliminated This, eliminated This has, This has the, has the effect, the effect of, effect of considerably, of considerably increasing, considerably increasing the, increasing the risk, the risk of, risk of crosscontamination, of crosscontamination especially, crosscontamination especially as, especially as by, as by baking, by baking the, baking the bacteria, the bacteria contained, bacteria contained in, contained in the, in the chicken, the chicken such, chicken such as, such as Salmonella, as Salmonella and, Salmonella and Campylobacter, and Campylobacter are, Campylobacter are killed, are killed because, killed because they, because they are, they are exposed, are exposed to, exposed to high, to high heat, high heat However, heat However not, However not that, not that housewives, that housewives and, housewives and cooks, and cooks are, cooks are convinced, are convinced anytime, convinced anytime soon

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