Here are the methods that a narcissist will use to try to manipulate you

Here are the methods that a narcissist will use to try to manipulate you

Here are the methods that a narcissist will use to try to manipulate you

The narcissists have several traits, but a narcissist is mostly selfish. They are motivated by what is best for them, not what is best for you, and it is unlikely that you will ever be able to change that about them.
Here are the methods that narcissists use to manipulate you

1. Using a third person

He will appeal to a third person whom he has already convinced to support him. This is quite unfair to you, because if you had known that there was a hearing of the evidence, you would have brought witnesses from yourself.
2. Downgrading
This is a way the narcissist handles you by making you believe that you must be even more than what you are in order to please them.
3. Aggression
Researchers who study narcissistic personality traits say that narcissists show signs of aggression: verbal aggression, and the inability to control their behavior or emotions.
4. The game of the victim
"I can not win with you" is one of the narcissists' tactics.

5. Monopolizes the conversation

The narcissist immediately turns the subject into talking and cutting you when you speak, but will not tolerate it if you cut them.

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