Heart attack: signs that need to be alerted

Heart attack: signs that need to be alerted

Heart attack: signs that need to be alerted

Cardiovascular disease is a veritable scourge that annually harms more than 25 million lives in the world. It is enormous ! The poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, tobacco, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, stress are all part of the problem. So, it is better to adopt a healthy lifestyle, practice regular physical activity and fill up with fiber, Omega-3, vitamins and antioxidants contained in fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, onions,

Dark chocolate and dried fruits. Better yet, we must learn to recognize the signs that precede a heart attack (also called infarction) to better prevent it.

The signs that must alert:

• intense pain in the chest

• pain on the left side of the chest

• burning sensation in the chest

• shortness of breath

• cold sweat

• nausea and dizziness

• dizziness

• numbness of the arms, legs, jaw ...

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