Health Tips: Stop water retention!

Health Tips: Stop water retention!

Health Tips: Stop water retention!

At the approach of the rules or in times of stress and fatigue, our belly is bloated and we feel heavy and swollen. This is probably due to excessive storage of water by the body due to a hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation or even an unbalanced diet. To get rid of it, here are some simple health tips, to be applied daily and you can say goodbye to water retention: Drink at least two liters of water a day because when the body is not properly hydrated, Stores water for fear of missing it.

  • Do sports and practice regular physical activity that allows you to sweat and therefore evacuate water.
  • Avoid excess salt and sugar that prevent the natural elimination of water
  • Fill up with protein.
  • Regularly massage the arms and legs to fluidify the blood circulation and allow the water to evacuate.
  • Banish clothes too close to the body and tight which confine blood vessels, disrupt blood circulation and cause swelling.
  • Fill up with fruits and vegetables rich in water such as watermelon, melon, leek, pineapple ...

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close, to, the, body, and, tight, which, confine, blood, vessels, disrupt, blood, circulation, and, cause, swelling, Fill, up, with, fruits, and, vegetables, rich, in, water, such, as, watermelon, melon, leek, pineapple, , Health Tips, Tips Stop, Stop water, water retention, retention At, At the, the approach, approach of, of the, the rules, rules or, or in, in times, times of, of stress, stress and, and fatigue, fatigue our, our belly, belly is, is bloated, bloated and, and we, we feel, feel heavy, heavy and, and swollen, swollen This, This is, is probably, probably due, due to, to excessive, excessive storage, storage of, of water, water by, by the, the body, body due, due to, to a, a hormonal, hormonal imbalance, imbalance poor, poor blood, blood circulation, circulation or, or even, even an, an unbalanced, unbalanced diet, diet To, To get, get rid, rid of, of it, it here, here are, are some, some simple, simple health, health tips, tips to, to be, be applied, applied daily, daily and, and you, you can, can say, say goodbye, goodbye to, to water, water retention, retention Drink, Drink at, at least, least two, two liters, liters of, of water, water a, a day, day because, because when, when the, the body, body is, is not, not properly, properly hydrated, hydrated Stores, Stores water, water for, for fear, fear of, of missing, missing it, it Do, Do sports, sports and, and practice, practice regular, regular physical, physical activity, activity that, that allows, allows you, you to, to sweat, sweat and, and therefore, therefore evacuate, evacuate water, water Avoid, Avoid excess, excess salt, salt and, and sugar, sugar that, that prevent, prevent the, the natural, natural elimination, elimination of, of water, water Filling, Filling up, up with, with proteins, proteins Regularly, Regularly massage, massage the, the arms, arms and, and legs, legs to, to fluidify, fluidify the, the blood, blood circulation, circulation and, and allow, allow the, the water, water to, to evacuate, evacuate Banish, Banish clothes, clothes too, too close, close to, to the, the body, body and, and tight, tight which, which confine, confine blood, blood vessels, vessels disrupt, disrupt blood, blood circulation, circulation and, and cause, cause swelling, swelling Fill, Fill up, up with, with fruits, fruits and, and vegetables, vegetables rich, rich in, in water, water such, such as, as watermelon, watermelon melon, melon leek, leek pineapple, Health Tips Stop, Tips Stop water, Stop water retention, water retention At, retention At the, At the approach, the approach of, approach of the, of the rules, the rules or, rules or in, or in times, in times of, times of stress, of stress and, stress and fatigue, and fatigue our, fatigue our belly, our belly is, belly is bloated, is bloated and, bloated and we, and we feel, we feel heavy, feel heavy and, heavy and swollen, and swollen This, swollen This is, This is probably, is probably due, probably due to, due to excessive, to excessive storage, excessive storage of, storage of water, of water by, water by the, by the body, the body due, body due to, due to a, to a hormonal, a hormonal imbalance, hormonal imbalance poor, imbalance poor blood, poor blood circulation, blood circulation or, circulation or even, or even an, even an unbalanced, an unbalanced diet, unbalanced diet To, diet To get, To get rid, get rid of, rid of it, of it here, it here are, here are some, are some simple, some simple health, simple health tips, health tips to, tips to be, to be applied, be applied daily, applied daily and, daily and you, and you can, you can say, can say goodbye, say goodbye to, goodbye to water, to water retention, water retention Drink, retention Drink at, Drink at least, at least two, least two liters, two liters of, liters of water, of water a, water a day, a day because, day because when, because when the, when the body, the body is, body is not, is not properly, not properly hydrated, properly hydrated Stores, hydrated Stores water, Stores water for, water for fear, for fear of, fear of missing, of missing it, missing it Do, it Do sports, Do sports and, sports and practice, and practice regular, practice regular physical, regular physical activity, physical activity that, activity that allows, that allows you, allows you to, you to sweat, to sweat and, sweat and therefore, and therefore evacuate, therefore evacuate water, evacuate water Avoid, water Avoid excess, Avoid excess salt, excess salt and, salt and sugar, and sugar that, sugar that prevent, that prevent the, prevent the natural, the natural elimination, natural elimination of, elimination of water, of water Filling, water Filling up, Filling up with, up with proteins, with proteins Regularly, proteins Regularly massage, Regularly massage the, massage the arms, the arms and, arms and legs, and legs to, legs to fluidify, to fluidify the, fluidify the blood, the blood circulation, blood circulation and, circulation and allow, and allow the, allow the water, the water to, water to evacuate, to evacuate Banish, evacuate Banish clothes, Banish clothes too, clothes too close, too close to, close to the, to the body, the body and, body and tight, and tight which, tight which confine, which confine blood, confine blood vessels, blood vessels disrupt, vessels disrupt blood, disrupt blood circulation, blood circulation and, circulation and cause, and cause swelling, cause swelling Fill, swelling Fill up, Fill up with, up with fruits, with fruits and, fruits and vegetables, and vegetables rich, vegetables rich in, rich in water, in water such, water such as, such as watermelon, as watermelon melon, watermelon melon leek, melon leek pineapple

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