Five good reasons to eat organic

Five good reasons to eat organic

Five good reasons to eat organic

Is organic food better for you? Yes, undoubtedly answer experts who add that the taste of these foods is really better than that of industrial culture foods, in addition to their high nutritional value. Here are five good reasons to eat organic:

• They contain less pesticides and are therefore much less contaminated and harmful than industrially grown products. According to a study published in the magazine "Pediatrcs", when they consume fruits and vegetables exposed to too high concentrations of pesticides, children become much more at risk of being hyperactive and developing eating disorders, Warning.

• They have a better nutritional value, with levels of magnesium and trace elements (zinc, boron, copper, iodine, iron, etc.) considerably higher than those of industrial foods.

• They are less carcinogenic. Research has shown that industrial foods contain high doses of carcinogenic nitrites, unlike organic foods that contain good amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene with protective effect of cancer.

• Their vitality index is higher. This is what the biochemist Line Tremblay suggests that one can evaluate the rate of vitality of a food according to its germinalion rate, its potential therefore to generate life and to produce energy.

• They preserve the natural ecosystem and protect biodiversity by creating rich environments conducive to the existence and development of indigenous wildlife.

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