Five Express Secrets for Hair Growth

Five Express Secrets for Hair Growth

Five Express Secrets for Hair Growth

Having beautiful, silky, voluminous hair in full form is the dream of all women. Shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, cream, serum ... Nothing is too beautiful or too expensive for the hair of these ladies. But in addition to these products, there are daily gestures of beauty that make hair soft, disciplined and strong:

• Gentle brushing three times a day for at least five minutes as it massages the scalp and provides well-being to the hair

• Get rid of split ends every holes about months because the hair is regenerated, hydrates better and grows faster

• Massage your hair with oil, preferably warm. Choose rosemary or almond olive oil that moisturize and soften the hair

• Rub your hair with brewer's yeast that boosts hair and makes them more resistant. Be careful to rinse your hair after application

• Never use hot water to wash your hair because it makes them dull and weakens as the high temperature leaves the pores open

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