Facial sauna: a well-being treatment to purify the skin

Facial sauna: a well-being treatment to purify the skin

Facial sauna: a well-being treatment to purify the skin

To be beautiful, it is not enough to spread beauty creams night and day. It is also necessary to take the time to pamper and to offer home care dreadfully effective to illuminate the face and give back to the skin all its brilliance. The facial sauna is one and not the least! It purifies the face, cleanses the skin, removes dead skin and cleans the pores thoroughly.

Steps for a successful facial sauna

  • Soak an orange water flower towel and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Boil some water and then pour it into a large bowl.
  • Add 10 drops of essential oil of lavender or other.
  • Lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel for a quarter of an hour. Be careful to close your eyes during this time. Gradually, you will feel your pores dilate.
  • Immediately afterwards apply the towel previously placed in the refrigerator on your face. This will tighten the pores that have expanded due to steam.
  • Finish the facial sauna by applying a moisturizer. A care to be renewed every two to three weeks.

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the, the skin, skin removes, removes dead, dead skin, skin and, and cleans, cleans the, the pores, pores thoroughly, thoroughly Steps, Steps for, for a, a successful, successful facial, facial sauna, sauna Soak, Soak an, an orange, orange flower, flower water, water towel, towel and, and place, place it, it in, in the, the refrigerator, refrigerator Boil, Boil some, some water, water and, and then, then pour, pour it, it into, into a, a large, large bowl, bowl Add, Add 10, 10 drops, drops of, of essential, essential oil, oil of, of lavender, lavender or, or other, other Lean, Lean over, over the, the bowl, bowl and, and cover, cover your, your head, head with, with a, a towel, towel for, for a, a quarter, quarter of, of an, an hour, hour Be, Be careful, careful to, to close, close your, your eyes, eyes during, during this, this time, time Gradually, Gradually you, you will, will feel, feel your, your pores, pores dilate, dilate Immediately, Immediately afterwards, afterwards apply, apply the, the towel, towel previously, previously placed, placed in, in the, the refrigerator, refrigerator on, on your, your face, face This, This will, will tighten, tighten the, the pores, pores that, that have, have expanded, expanded due, due to, to steam, steam Finish, Finish the, the facial, facial sauna, sauna by, by applying, applying a, a moisturizer, moisturizer A, A care, care to, to be, be renewed, renewed every, every two, two to, to three, three weeks, Facial sauna a, sauna a wellbeing, a wellbeing treatment, wellbeing treatment to, treatment to purify, to purify the, purify the skin, the skin To, skin To be, To be beautiful, be beautiful it, beautiful it is, it is not, is not enough, not enough to, enough to spread, to spread beauty, spread beauty creams, beauty creams night, creams night and, night and day, and day It, day It is, It is also, is also necessary, also necessary to, necessary to take, to take the, take the time, the time to, time to pamper, to pamper and, pamper and to, and to offer, to offer home, offer home care, home care dreadfully, care dreadfully effective, dreadfully effective to, effective to illuminate, to illuminate the, illuminate the face, the face and, face and give, and give back, give back to, back to the, to the skin, the skin all, skin all its, all its brilliance, its brilliance The, brilliance The facial, The facial sauna, facial sauna is, sauna is one, is one and, one and not, and not the, not the least, the least It, least It purifies, It purifies the, purifies the face, the face cleanses, face cleanses the, cleanses the skin, the skin removes, skin removes dead, removes dead skin, dead skin and, skin and cleans, and cleans the, cleans the pores, the pores thoroughly, pores thoroughly Steps, thoroughly Steps for, Steps for a, for a successful, a successful facial, successful facial sauna, facial sauna Soak, sauna Soak an, Soak an orange, an orange flower, orange flower water, flower water towel, water towel and, towel and place, and place it, place it in, it in the, in the refrigerator, the refrigerator Boil, refrigerator Boil some, Boil some water, some water and, water and then, and then pour, then pour it, pour it into, it into a, into a large, a large bowl, large bowl Add, bowl Add 10, Add 10 drops, 10 drops of, drops of essential, of essential oil, essential oil of, oil of lavender, of lavender or, lavender or other, or other Lean, other Lean over, Lean over the, over the bowl, the bowl and, bowl and cover, and cover your, cover your head, your head with, head with a, with a towel, a towel for, towel for a, for a quarter, a quarter of, quarter of an, of an hour, an hour Be, hour Be careful, Be careful to, careful to close, to close your, close your eyes, your eyes during, eyes during this, during this time, this time Gradually, time Gradually you, Gradually you will, you will feel, will feel your, feel your pores, your pores dilate, pores dilate Immediately, dilate Immediately afterwards, Immediately afterwards apply, afterwards apply the, apply the towel, the towel previously, towel previously placed, previously placed in, placed in the, in the refrigerator, the refrigerator on, refrigerator on your, on your face, your face This, face This will, This will tighten, will tighten the, tighten the pores, the pores that, pores that have, that have expanded, have expanded due, expanded due to, due to steam, to steam Finish, steam Finish the, Finish the facial, the facial sauna, facial sauna by, sauna by applying, by applying a, applying a moisturizer, a moisturizer A, moisturizer A care, A care to, care to be, to be renewed, be renewed every, renewed every two, every two to, two to three, to three weeks

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