Expert opinion: If the Man has modernized, it is because his testosterone level has ..

Expert opinion: If the Man has modernized, it is because his testosterone level has ..

Expert opinion: If the Man has modernized, it is because his testosterone level has ..

The first human beings appeared on Earth more than 200,000 years ago, but it was only 150,000 later that the first civilizations were born. Little by little, man has become civilized, learning to communicate through increasingly complex languages, using different tools and using fire, water, air and earth to facilitate Life, to become this modern earthman of the 21st century whose intellectual capacities seem endless.

But how can this metamorphosis and this evolution be explained? According to a study by Robert Cieri an American biologist and published in Current Anthropology, this is essentially due to a gradual decline in testosterone levels in individuals over the centuries. The scientist draws these conclusions following a careful comparison between a hundred skulls dating back to about 50,000 years ago, from different ethnic groups and more than 1300 others, much more recent. This comparison revealed morphological changes, particularly in the nose, eyebrows, forehead and facial length. The recent skulls show more fine lines than the old ones, even more feminine, hence the conclusion that man has only modernized when his testosterone level has dropped.

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Expert, opinion, If, the, Man, has, modernized, it, is, because, his, testosterone, level, has, The, first, human, beings, appeared, on, Earth, more, than, 200000, years, ago, but, it, was, only, 150000, later, that, the, first, civilizations, were, born, Little, by, little, man, has, become, civilized, learning, to, communicate, through, increasingly, complex, languages, using, different, tools, and, using, fire, water, air, and, earth, to, facilitate, Life, to, become, this, modern, earthman, of, the, 21st, century, whose, intellectual, capacities, seem, endless, But, how, can, this, metamorphosis, and, this, evolution, be, explained, According, to, a, study, by, Robert, Cieri, an, American, biologist, and, published, in, Current, Anthropology, this, is, essentially, due, to, a, gradual, decline, in, testosterone, levels, in, individuals, over, the, centuries, The, scientist, draws, these, conclusions, following, a, careful, comparison, between, a, hundred, skulls, dating, back, to, about, 50000, years, ago, from, different, ethnic, groups, and, more, than, 1300, others, much, more, recent, This, comparison, revealed, morphological, changes, particularly, in, the, nose, eyebrows, forehead, and, facial, length, The, recent, skulls, show, more, fine, lines, than, the, old, ones, even, more, feminine, hence, the, conclusion, that, man, has, only, modernized, when, his, testosterone, level, has, dropped, Expert opinion, opinion If, If the, the Man, Man has, has modernized, modernized it, it is, is because, because his, his testosterone, testosterone level, level has, has The, The first, first human, human beings, beings appeared, appeared on, on Earth, Earth more, more than, than 200000, 200000 years, years ago, ago but, but it, it was, was only, only 150000, 150000 later, later that, that the, the first, first civilizations, civilizations were, were born, born Little, Little by, by little, little man, man has, has become, become civilized, civilized learning, learning to, to communicate, communicate through, through increasingly, increasingly complex, complex languages, languages using, using different, different tools, tools and, and using, using fire, fire water, water air, air and, and earth, earth to, to facilitate, facilitate Life, Life to, to become, become this, this modern, modern earthman, earthman of, of the, the 21st, 21st century, century whose, whose intellectual, intellectual capacities, capacities seem, seem endless, endless But, But how, how can, can this, this metamorphosis, metamorphosis and, and this, this evolution, evolution be, be explained, explained According, According to, to a, a study, study by, by Robert, Robert Cieri, Cieri an, an American, American biologist, biologist and, and published, published in, in Current, Current Anthropology, Anthropology this, this is, is essentially, essentially due, due to, to a, a gradual, gradual decline, decline in, in testosterone, testosterone levels, levels in, in individuals, individuals over, over the, the centuries, centuries The, The scientist, scientist draws, draws these, these conclusions, conclusions following, following a, a careful, careful comparison, comparison between, between a, a hundred, hundred skulls, skulls dating, dating back, back to, to about, about 50000, 50000 years, years ago, ago from, from different, different ethnic, ethnic groups, groups and, and more, more than, than 1300, 1300 others, others much, much more, more recent, recent This, This comparison, comparison revealed, revealed morphological, morphological changes, changes particularly, particularly in, in the, the nose, nose eyebrows, eyebrows forehead, forehead and, and facial, facial length, length The, The recent, recent skulls, skulls show, show more, more fine, fine lines, lines than, than the, the old, old ones, ones even, even more, more feminine, feminine hence, hence the, the conclusion, conclusion that, that man, man has, has only, only modernized, modernized when, when his, his testosterone, testosterone level, level has, has dropped, Expert opinion If, opinion If the, If the Man, the Man has, Man has modernized, has modernized it, modernized it is, it is because, is because his, because his testosterone, his testosterone level, testosterone level has, level has The, has The first, The first human, first human beings, human beings appeared, beings appeared on, appeared on Earth, on Earth more, Earth more than, more than 200000, than 200000 years, 200000 years ago, years ago but, ago but it, but it was, it was only, was only 150000, only 150000 later, 150000 later that, later that the, that the first, the first civilizations, first civilizations were, civilizations were born, were born Little, born Little by, Little by little, by little man, little man has, man has become, has become civilized, become civilized learning, civilized learning to, learning to communicate, to communicate through, communicate through increasingly, through increasingly complex, increasingly complex languages, complex languages using, languages using different, using different tools, different tools and, tools and using, and using fire, using fire water, fire water air, water air and, air and earth, and earth to, earth to facilitate, to facilitate Life, facilitate Life to, Life to become, to become this, become this modern, this modern earthman, modern earthman of, earthman of the, of the 21st, the 21st century, 21st century whose, century whose intellectual, whose intellectual capacities, intellectual capacities seem, capacities seem endless, seem endless But, endless But how, But how can, how can this, can this metamorphosis, this metamorphosis and, metamorphosis and this, and this evolution, this evolution be, evolution be explained, be explained According, explained According to, According to a, to a study, a study by, study by Robert, by Robert Cieri, Robert Cieri an, Cieri an American, an American biologist, American biologist and, biologist and published, and published in, published in Current, in Current Anthropology, Current Anthropology this, Anthropology this is, this is essentially, is essentially due, essentially due to, due to a, to a gradual, a gradual decline, gradual decline in, decline in testosterone, in testosterone levels, testosterone levels in, levels in individuals, in individuals over, individuals over the, over the centuries, the centuries The, centuries The scientist, The scientist draws, scientist draws these, draws these conclusions, these conclusions following, conclusions following a, following a careful, a careful comparison, careful comparison between, comparison between a, between a hundred, a hundred skulls, hundred skulls dating, skulls dating back, dating back to, back to about, to about 50000, about 50000 years, 50000 years ago, years ago from, ago from different, from different ethnic, different ethnic groups, ethnic groups and, groups and more, and more than, more than 1300, than 1300 others, 1300 others much, others much more, much more recent, more recent This, recent This comparison, This comparison revealed, comparison revealed morphological, revealed morphological changes, morphological changes particularly, changes particularly in, particularly in the, in the nose, the nose eyebrows, nose eyebrows forehead, eyebrows forehead and, forehead and facial, and facial length, facial length The, length The recent, The recent skulls, recent skulls show, skulls show more, show more fine, more fine lines, fine lines than, lines than the, than the old, the old ones, old ones even, ones even more, even more feminine, more feminine hence, feminine hence the, hence the conclusion, the conclusion that, conclusion that man, that man has, man has only, has only modernized, only modernized when, modernized when his, when his testosterone, his testosterone level, testosterone level has, level has dropped

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