E-cigarette could save millions of lives!

E-cigarette could save millions of lives!

E-cigarette could save millions of lives!

Experts have disputed the findings of a report by the World Health Organization on electronic cigarettes, saying they were exaggerating the risks and underestimate their interest as an alternative to tobacco.

According to Ann McNeill, Professor of the National Addictions Center at King's, in an article "E-cigarettes are a novelty and we obviously still do not have all the answers on their long-term health impact but what we know Is that they are much less dangerous than cigarettes, which kill more than six million people a year in the world "
Dr. Jacques Le Houezec says that electronic cigarettes could save millions of lives around the world. Proponents of the e-cigarette believe it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, which is associated with an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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could save, save millions, millions of, of lives, lives Experts, Experts have, have disputed, disputed the, the findings, findings of, of a, a report, report by, by the, the World, World Health, Health Organization, Organization on, on electronic, electronic cigarettes, cigarettes saying, saying they, they were, were exaggerating, exaggerating the, the risks, risks and, and underestimate, underestimate their, their interest, interest as, as an, an alternative, alternative to, to tobacco, tobacco According, According to, to Ann, Ann McNeill, McNeill Professor, Professor of, of the, the National, National Addictions, Addictions Center, Center at, at Kings, Kings in, in an, an article, article Ecigarettes, Ecigarettes are, are a, a novelty, novelty and, and we, we obviously, obviously still, still do, do not, not have, have all, all the, the answers, answers on, on their, their longterm, longterm health, health impact, impact but, but what, what we, we know, know Is, Is that, that they, they are, are much, much less, less dangerous, dangerous than, than cigarettes, cigarettes which, which kill, kill more, more than, than six, six million, million people, people a, a year, year in, in the, the world, world Dr, Dr Jacques, Jacques Le, Le Houezec, Houezec says, says that, that electronic, electronic cigarettes, cigarettes could, could save, save millions, millions of, of lives, lives around, around the, the world, world Proponents, Proponents of, of the, the ecigarette, ecigarette believe, believe it, it is, is less, less harmful, harmful than, than traditional, traditional cigarettes, cigarettes which, which is, is associated, associated with, with an, an increased, increased risk, risk of, of cancer, cancer and, and cardiovascular, cardiovascular disease, Ecigarette could save, could save millions, save millions of, millions of lives, of lives Experts, lives Experts have, Experts have disputed, have disputed the, disputed the findings, the findings of, findings of a, of a report, a report by, report by the, by the World, the World Health, World Health Organization, Health Organization on, Organization on electronic, on electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes saying, cigarettes saying they, saying they were, they were exaggerating, were exaggerating the, exaggerating the risks, the risks and, risks and underestimate, and underestimate their, underestimate their interest, their interest as, interest as an, as an alternative, an alternative to, alternative to tobacco, to tobacco According, tobacco According to, According to Ann, to Ann McNeill, Ann McNeill Professor, McNeill Professor of, Professor of the, of the National, the National Addictions, National Addictions Center, Addictions Center at, Center at Kings, at Kings in, Kings in an, in an article, an article Ecigarettes, article Ecigarettes are, Ecigarettes are a, are a novelty, a novelty and, novelty and we, and we obviously, we obviously still, obviously still do, still do not, do not have, not have all, have all the, all the answers, the answers on, answers on their, on their longterm, their longterm health, longterm health impact, health impact but, impact but what, but what we, what we know, we know Is, know Is that, Is that they, that they are, they are much, are much less, much less dangerous, less dangerous than, dangerous than cigarettes, than cigarettes which, cigarettes which kill, which kill more, kill more than, more than six, than six million, six million people, million people a, people a year, a year in, year in the, in the world, the world Dr, world Dr Jacques, Dr Jacques Le, Jacques Le Houezec, Le Houezec says, Houezec says that, says that electronic, that electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes could, cigarettes could save, could save millions, save millions of, millions of lives, of lives around, lives around the, around the world, the world Proponents, world Proponents of, Proponents of the, of the ecigarette, the ecigarette believe, ecigarette believe it, believe it is, it is less, is less harmful, less harmful than, harmful than traditional, than traditional cigarettes, traditional cigarettes which, cigarettes which is, which is associated, is associated with, associated with an, with an increased, an increased risk, increased risk of, risk of cancer, of cancer and, cancer and cardiovascular, and cardiovascular disease

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