Does junk food lead to depression?

Does junk food lead to depression?

Does junk food lead to depression?

Eating fried, fatty, sweet dishes is definitely not recommended and yet, everyone or almost craves it. But here is an info that should dissuade more than one and curb their greedy desires. A study published in the very serious Public Health Nutrition journal indicates that individuals who consume junk food are much more at risk of depression than people with healthy eating.

Recall that depression affects 121 million people around the world. Other information from this research is also useful to remember. Those who feed poorly (whose diet does not include fruit, vegetables, fish, or olive oil ...) are often unmarried. Conclusion: To live as a couple and happy, say goodbye to pizza, donuts, hamburgers, gratins, Viennese pastries ...

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Does, junk, food, lead, to, depression, Eating, fried, fatty, sweet, dishes, is, definitely, not, recommended, and, yet, everyone, or, almost, craves, it, But, here, is, an, info, that, should, dissuade, more, than, one, and, curb, their, greedy, desires, A, study, published, in, the, very, serious, Public, Health, Nutrition, journal, indicates, that, individuals, who, consume, junk, food, are, much, more, at, risk, of, depression, than, people, with, healthy, eating, Recall, that, depression, affects, 121, million, people, around, the, world, Other, information, from, this, research, is, also, useful, to, remember, Those, who, feed, poorly, whose, diet, does, not, include, fruit, vegetables, fish, or, olive, oil, , are, often, unmarried, Conclusion, To, live, as, a, couple, and, happy, say, goodbye, to, pizza, donuts, hamburgers, gratins, Viennese, pastries, , Does junk, junk food, food lead, lead to, to depression, depression Eating, Eating fried, fried fatty, fatty sweet, sweet dishes, dishes is, is definitely, definitely not, not recommended, recommended and, and yet, yet everyone, everyone or, or almost, almost craves, craves it, it But, But here, here is, is an, an info, info that, that should, should dissuade, dissuade more, more than, than one, one and, and curb, curb their, their greedy, greedy desires, desires A, A study, study published, published in, in the, the very, very serious, serious Public, Public Health, Health Nutrition, Nutrition journal, journal indicates, indicates that, that individuals, individuals who, who consume, consume junk, junk food, food are, are much, much more, more at, at risk, risk of, of depression, depression than, than people, people with, with healthy, healthy eating, eating Recall, Recall that, that depression, depression affects, affects 121, 121 million, million people, people around, around the, the world, world Other, Other information, information from, from this, this research, research is, is also, also useful, useful to, to remember, remember Those, Those who, who feed, feed poorly, poorly whose, whose diet, diet does, does not, not include, include fruit, fruit vegetables, vegetables fish, fish or, or olive, olive oil, Does junk food, junk food lead, food lead to, lead to depression, to depression Eating, depression Eating fried, Eating fried fatty, fried fatty sweet, fatty sweet dishes, sweet dishes is, dishes is definitely, is definitely not, definitely not recommended, not recommended and, recommended and yet, and yet everyone, yet everyone or, everyone or almost, or almost craves, almost craves it, craves it But, it But here, But here is, here is an, is an info, an info that, info that should, that should dissuade, should dissuade more, dissuade more than, more than one, than one and, one and curb, and curb their, curb their greedy, their greedy desires, greedy desires A, desires A study, A study published, study published in, published in the, in the very, the very serious, very serious Public, serious Public Health, Public Health Nutrition, Health Nutrition journal, Nutrition journal indicates, journal indicates that, indicates that individuals, that individuals who, individuals who consume, who consume junk, consume junk food, junk food are, food are much, are much more, much more at, more at risk, at risk of, risk of depression, of depression than, depression than people, than people with, people with healthy, with healthy eating, healthy eating Recall, eating Recall that, Recall that depression, that depression affects, depression affects 121, affects 121 million, 121 million people, million people around, people around the, around the world, the world Other, world Other information, Other information from, information from this, from this research, this research is, research is also, is also useful, also useful to, useful to remember, to remember Those, remember Those who, Those who feed, who feed poorly, feed poorly whose, poorly whose diet, whose diet does, diet does not, does not include, not include fruit, include fruit vegetables, fruit vegetables fish, vegetables fish or, fish or olive, or olive oil

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