Discovery of a new virus residing in the intestines of half the population

Discovery of a new virus residing in the intestines of half the population

Discovery of a new virus residing in the intestines of half the population

After the avian flu, the ebola and so many others, scientists unveil an astonishing piece of information: nearly half of the people on earth live with a virus in their intestines called CrAssphage. This is indeed affirmed by researchers from the University of San Diego. But do not panic !

This kind of virus, as well as the other 500 intestinal bacterial species do not infect humans.On the contrary, these viruses play an essential role in the regulation of the species of our bacterial universe. However, researchers are interested in finding out whether this new virus has a direct or indirect link with obesity, diabetes and other intestinal pathologies. The important thing now is to know whether it favors these diseases or on the contrary can serve to prevent them or even to treat them.

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Discovery, of, a, new, virus, residing, in, the, intestines, of, half, the, population, After, the, avian, flu, the, ebola, and, so, many, others, scientists, unveil, an, astonishing, piece, of, information, nearly, half, of, the, people, on, earth, live, with, a, virus, in, their, intestines, called, CrAssphage, This, is, indeed, affirmed, by, researchers, from, the, University, of, San, Diego, But, do, not, panic, , This, kind, of, virus, as, well, as, the, other, 500, intestinal, bacterial, species, do, not, infect, humans, On, the, contrary, these, viruses, play, an, essential, role, in, the, regulation, of, the, species, of, our, bacterial, universe, However, researchers, are, interested, in, finding, out, whether, this, new, virus, has, a, direct, or, indirect, link, with, obesity, diabetes, and, other, intestinal, pathologies, The, important, thing, now, is, to, know, whether, it, favors, these, diseases, or, on, the, contrary, can, serve, to, prevent, them, or, even, to, treat, them, Discovery of, of a, a new, new virus, virus residing, residing in, in the, the intestines, intestines of, of half, half the, the population, population After, After the, the avian, avian flu, flu the, the ebola, ebola and, and so, so many, many others, others scientists, scientists unveil, unveil an, an astonishing, astonishing piece, piece of, of information, information nearly, nearly half, half of, of the, the people, people on, on earth, earth live, live with, with a, a virus, virus in, in their, their intestines, intestines called, called CrAssphage, CrAssphage This, This is, is indeed, indeed affirmed, affirmed by, by researchers, researchers from, from the, the University, University of, of San, San Diego, Diego But, But do, do not, not panic, Discovery of a, of a new, a new virus, new virus residing, virus residing in, residing in the, in the intestines, the intestines of, intestines of half, of half the, half the population, the population After, population After the, After the avian, the avian flu, avian flu the, flu the ebola, the ebola and, ebola and so, and so many, so many others, many others scientists, others scientists unveil, scientists unveil an, unveil an astonishing, an astonishing piece, astonishing piece of, piece of information, of information nearly, information nearly half, nearly half of, half of the, of the people, the people on, people on earth, on earth live, earth live with, live with a, with a virus, a virus in, virus in their, in their intestines, their intestines called, intestines called CrAssphage, called CrAssphage This, CrAssphage This is, This is indeed, is indeed affirmed, indeed affirmed by, affirmed by researchers, by researchers from, researchers from the, from the University, the University of, University of San, of San Diego, San Diego But, Diego But do, But do not, do not panic

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