Discovery health: Our faces would be true nests of mites!

Discovery health: Our faces would be true nests of mites!

Discovery health: Our faces would be true nests of mites!

All the faces of adults would contain appalling amounts of parasitic mites. These microorganisms would live in the pores of the skin. This is what a recent study published in the PLoS ONE newspaper reveals. According to the scientists who conducted the survey, our faces would be the hosts of at least one of the two species of mites, demodex folliculorum or demodex brevis. These parasites spend their time breeding. Thus, females lay more than 20 eggs in a single hair follicle.

The worst thing is that even if you wash your face with soap and water or with cleaning products, you will not be able to dislodge them! Indeed, these microscopic parasites of 0.3 mm, in the form of earthworms and endowed with four pairs of legs, are ultra resistant. But what are they feeding on? Essentially sebum. Fortunately, they are not pathogenic. However, they can occasionally cause inflammation and redness. Not very reassuring!

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Discovery, health, Our, faces, would, be, true, nests, of, mites, All, the, faces, of, adults, would, contain, appalling, amounts, of, parasitic, mites, These, microorganisms, would, live, in, the, pores, of, the, skin, This, is, what, a, recent, study, published, in, the, PLoS, ONE, newspaper, reveals, According, to, the, scientists, who, conducted, the, survey, our, faces, would, be, the, hosts, of, at, least, one, of, the, two, species, of, mites, demodex, folliculorum, or, demodex, brevis, These, parasites, spend, their, time, breeding, Thus, females, lay, more, than, 20, eggs, in, a, single, hair, follicle, The, worst, thing, is, that, even, if, you, wash, your, face, with, soap, and, water, or, with, cleaning, products, you, will, not, be, able, to, dislodge, them, Indeed, these, microscopic, parasites, of, 03, mm, in, the, form, of, earthworms, and, endowed, with, four, pairs, of, legs, are, ultra, resistant, But, what, are, they, feeding, on, Essentially, sebum, Fortunately, they, are, not, pathogenic, However, they, can, occasionally, cause, inflammation, and, redness, Not, very, reassuring, Discovery health, health Our, Our faces, faces would, would be, be true, true nests, nests of, of mites, mites All, All the, the faces, faces of, of adults, adults would, would contain, contain appalling, appalling amounts, amounts of, of parasitic, parasitic mites, mites These, These microorganisms, microorganisms would, would live, live in, in the, the pores, pores of, of the, the skin, skin This, This is, is what, what a, a recent, recent study, study published, published in, in the, the PLoS, PLoS ONE, ONE newspaper, newspaper reveals, reveals According, According to, to the, the scientists, scientists who, who conducted, conducted the, the survey, survey our, our faces, faces would, would be, be the, the hosts, hosts of, of at, at least, least one, one of, of the, the two, two species, species of, of mites, mites demodex, demodex folliculorum, folliculorum or, or demodex, demodex brevis, brevis These, These parasites, parasites spend, spend their, their time, time breeding, breeding Thus, Thus females, females lay, lay more, more than, than 20, 20 eggs, eggs in, in a, a single, single hair, hair follicle, follicle The, The worst, worst thing, thing is, is that, that even, even if, if you, you wash, wash your, your face, face with, with soap, soap and, and water, water or, or with, with cleaning, cleaning products, products you, you will, will not, not be, be able, able to, to dislodge, dislodge them, them Indeed, Indeed these, these microscopic, microscopic parasites, parasites of, of 03, 03 mm, mm in, in the, the form, form of, of earthworms, earthworms and, and endowed, endowed with, with four, four pairs, pairs of, of legs, legs are, are ultra, ultra resistant, resistant But, But what, what are, are they, they feeding, feeding on, on Essentially, Essentially sebum, sebum Fortunately, Fortunately they, they are, are not, not pathogenic, pathogenic However, However they, they can, can occasionally, occasionally cause, cause inflammation, inflammation and, and redness, redness Not, Not very, very reassuring, Discovery health Our, health Our faces, Our faces would, faces would be, would be true, be true nests, true nests of, nests of mites, of mites All, mites All the, All the faces, the faces of, faces of adults, of adults would, adults would contain, would contain appalling, contain appalling amounts, appalling amounts of, amounts of parasitic, of parasitic mites, parasitic mites These, mites These microorganisms, These microorganisms would, microorganisms would live, would live in, live in the, in the pores, the pores of, pores of the, of the skin, the skin This, skin This is, This is what, is what a, what a recent, a recent study, recent study published, study published in, published in the, in the PLoS, the PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE newspaper, ONE newspaper reveals, newspaper reveals According, reveals According to, According to the, to the scientists, the scientists who, scientists who conducted, who conducted the, conducted the survey, the survey our, survey our faces, our faces would, faces would be, would be the, be the hosts, the hosts of, hosts of at, of at least, at least one, least one of, one of the, of the two, the two species, two species of, species of mites, of mites demodex, mites demodex folliculorum, demodex folliculorum or, folliculorum or demodex, or demodex brevis, demodex brevis These, brevis These parasites, These parasites spend, parasites spend their, spend their time, their time breeding, time breeding Thus, breeding Thus females, Thus females lay, females lay more, lay more than, more than 20, than 20 eggs, 20 eggs in, eggs in a, in a single, a single hair, single hair follicle, hair follicle The, follicle The worst, The worst thing, worst thing is, thing is that, is that even, that even if, even if you, if you wash, you wash your, wash your face, your face with, face with soap, with soap and, soap and water, and water or, water or with, or with cleaning, with cleaning products, cleaning products you, products you will, you will not, will not be, not be able, be able to, able to dislodge, to dislodge them, dislodge them Indeed, them Indeed these, Indeed these microscopic, these microscopic parasites, microscopic parasites of, parasites of 03, of 03 mm, 03 mm in, mm in the, in the form, the form of, form of earthworms, of earthworms and, earthworms and endowed, and endowed with, endowed with four, with four pairs, four pairs of, pairs of legs, of legs are, legs are ultra, are ultra resistant, ultra resistant But, resistant But what, But what are, what are they, are they feeding, they feeding on, feeding on Essentially, on Essentially sebum, Essentially sebum Fortunately, sebum Fortunately they, Fortunately they are, they are not, are not pathogenic, not pathogenic However, pathogenic However they, However they can, they can occasionally, can occasionally cause, occasionally cause inflammation, cause inflammation and, inflammation and redness, and redness Not, redness Not very, Not very reassuring

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