Discovering the unknowns of the Atacama

Discovering the unknowns of the Atacama

Discovering the unknowns of the Atacama

It is an incredible discovery that was made in the delta of the Tambo River in the northeast of Atacama (Peru). Indeed, graves were dug up there. They would go back to VIIeCentury BC. They testify to a pre-Columbian culture, hitherto unknown and concealing mysteries.

The burials all contained mummies, some of which still wore woolen headdresses, or were wrapped in mats or shrouds. Funeral equipment and hunting or fishing tools (rope, fishing nets, etc.) have also been discovered. Other objects have also been found in some tombs such as weapons of war (clubs with ends in stone or copper, quiver-filled arrows, arches ...), period jewels, instruments Weaving, pottery, decorative objects made of gold or copper ... If the deep search of the tombs allowed the researchers to define that it is in fact a tribe of farmers, including different hierarchies and directed By an elite, the mystery remains as to the other facets of this pre-Columbian society that has disappeared.

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Discovering, the, unknowns, of, the, Atacama, It, is, an, incredible, discovery, that, was, made, in, the, delta, of, the, Tambo, River, in, the, northeast, of, Atacama, Peru, Indeed, graves, were, dug, up, there, They, date, back, to, the, seventh, century, BC, They, testify, to, a, preColumbian, culture, hitherto, unknown, and, concealing, mysteries, The, burials, all, contained, mummies, some, of, which, still, wore, woolen, headdresses, or, were, wrapped, in, mats, or, shrouds, Funeral, equipment, and, hunting, or, fishing, tools, rope, fishing, nets, etc, have, also, been, discovered, Other, objects, have, also, been, found, in, some, tombs, such, as, weapons, of, war, clubs, with, ends, in, stone, or, copper, quiverfilled, arrows, arches, , period, jewels, instruments, Weaving, pottery, decorative, objects, made, of, gold, or, copper, , If, the, deep, search, of, the, tombs, allowed, the, researchers, to, define, that, it, is, in, fact, a, tribe, of, farmers, including, different, hierarchies, and, directed, By, an, elite, the, mystery, remains, as, to, the, other, facets, of, this, preColumbian, society, that, has, disappeared, Discovering the, the unknowns, unknowns of, of the, the Atacama, Atacama It, It is, is an, an incredible, incredible discovery, discovery that, that was, was made, made in, in the, the delta, delta of, of the, the Tambo, Tambo River, River in, in the, the northeast, northeast of, of Atacama, Atacama Peru, Peru Indeed, Indeed graves, graves were, were dug, dug up, up there, there They, They date, date back, back to, to the, the seventh, seventh century, century BC, BC They, They testify, testify to, to a, a preColumbian, preColumbian culture, culture hitherto, hitherto unknown, unknown and, and concealing, concealing mysteries, mysteries The, The burials, burials all, all contained, contained mummies, mummies some, some of, of which, which still, still wore, wore woolen, woolen headdresses, headdresses or, or were, were wrapped, wrapped in, in mats, mats or, or shrouds, shrouds Funeral, Funeral equipment, equipment and, and hunting, hunting or, or fishing, fishing tools, tools rope, rope fishing, fishing nets, nets etc, etc have, have also, also been, been discovered, discovered Other, Other objects, objects have, have also, also been, been found, found in, in some, some tombs, tombs such, such as, as weapons, weapons of, of war, war clubs, clubs with, with ends, ends in, in stone, stone or, or copper, copper quiverfilled, quiverfilled arrows, arrows arches, Discovering the unknowns, the unknowns of, unknowns of the, of the Atacama, the Atacama It, Atacama It is, It is an, is an incredible, an incredible discovery, incredible discovery that, discovery that was, that was made, was made in, made in the, in the delta, the delta of, delta of the, of the Tambo, the Tambo River, Tambo River in, River in the, in the northeast, the northeast of, northeast of Atacama, of Atacama Peru, Atacama Peru Indeed, Peru Indeed graves, Indeed graves were, graves were dug, were dug up, dug up there, up there They, there They date, They date back, date back to, back to the, to the seventh, the seventh century, seventh century BC, century BC They, BC They testify, They testify to, testify to a, to a preColumbian, a preColumbian culture, preColumbian culture hitherto, culture hitherto unknown, hitherto unknown and, unknown and concealing, and concealing mysteries, concealing mysteries The, mysteries The burials, The burials all, burials all contained, all contained mummies, contained mummies some, mummies some of, some of which, of which still, which still wore, still wore woolen, wore woolen headdresses, woolen headdresses or, headdresses or were, or were wrapped, were wrapped in, wrapped in mats, in mats or, mats or shrouds, or shrouds Funeral, shrouds Funeral equipment, Funeral equipment and, equipment and hunting, and hunting or, hunting or fishing, or fishing tools, fishing tools rope, tools rope fishing, rope fishing nets, fishing nets etc, nets etc have, etc have also, have also been, also been discovered, been discovered Other, discovered Other objects, Other objects have, objects have also, have also been, also been found, been found in, found in some, in some tombs, some tombs such, tombs such as, such as weapons, as weapons of, weapons of war, of war clubs, war clubs with, clubs with ends, with ends in, ends in stone, in stone or, stone or copper, or copper quiverfilled, copper quiverfilled arrows, quiverfilled arrows arches

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