Discovered at 640 km underground of a reservoir containing 3 times more water than all the oceans combined

Discovered at 640 km underground of a reservoir containing 3 times more water than all the oceans combined

Discovered at 640 km underground of a reservoir containing 3 times more water than all the oceans combined

This is an extraordinary discovery made by researchers at Northwestern University (USA). Indeed, they discovered, over 640 km underground, an immense sheet of water, trapped in a transition zone, a kind of cavity composed of a rock under high pressure, "ringwoodite".

This discovery will allow the mineralogist team Steven Jacobsen to move on the path of the theory that the oceans would indeed have an underground origin. However, researchers must not stop at this level to demonstrate their theory without question, but must do many other tests.

SourceThe Verge

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Discovered, at, 640, km, underground, of, a, reservoir, containing, 3, times, more, water, than, all, the, oceans, combined, This, is, an, extraordinary, discovery, made, by, researchers, at, Northwestern, University, USA, Indeed, they, discovered, over, 640, km, underground, an, immense, sheet, of, water, trapped, in, a, transition, zone, a, kind, of, cavity, composed, of, a, rock, under, high, pressure, ringwoodite, This, discovery, will, allow, the, mineralogist, team, Steven, Jacobsen, to, move, on, the, path, of, the, theory, that, the, oceans, would, indeed, have, an, underground, origin, However, researchers, must, not, stop, at, this, level, to, demonstrate, their, theory, without, question, but, must, do, many, other, tests, Source, The, Verge, Discovered at, at 640, 640 km, km underground, underground of, of a, a reservoir, reservoir containing, containing 3, 3 times, times more, more water, water than, than all, all the, the oceans, oceans combined, combined This, This is, is an, an extraordinary, extraordinary discovery, discovery made, made by, by researchers, researchers at, at Northwestern, Northwestern University, University USA, USA Indeed, Indeed they, they discovered, discovered over, over 640, 640 km, km underground, underground an, an immense, immense sheet, sheet of, of water, water trapped, trapped in, in a, a transition, transition zone, zone a, a kind, kind of, of cavity, cavity composed, composed of, of a, a rock, rock under, under high, high pressure, pressure ringwoodite, ringwoodite This, This discovery, discovery will, will allow, allow the, the mineralogist, mineralogist team, team Steven, Steven Jacobsen, Jacobsen to, to move, move on, on the, the path, path of, of the, the theory, theory that, that the, the oceans, oceans would, would indeed, indeed have, have an, an underground, underground origin, origin However, However researchers, researchers must, must not, not stop, stop at, at this, this level, level to, to demonstrate, demonstrate their, their theory, theory without, without question, question but, but must, must do, do many, many other, other tests, tests Source, Source The, The Verge, Discovered at 640, at 640 km, 640 km underground, km underground of, underground of a, of a reservoir, a reservoir containing, reservoir containing 3, containing 3 times, 3 times more, times more water, more water than, water than all, than all the, all the oceans, the oceans combined, oceans combined This, combined This is, This is an, is an extraordinary, an extraordinary discovery, extraordinary discovery made, discovery made by, made by researchers, by researchers at, researchers at Northwestern, at Northwestern University, Northwestern University USA, University USA Indeed, USA Indeed they, Indeed they discovered, they discovered over, discovered over 640, over 640 km, 640 km underground, km underground an, underground an immense, an immense sheet, immense sheet of, sheet of water, of water trapped, water trapped in, trapped in a, in a transition, a transition zone, transition zone a, zone a kind, a kind of, kind of cavity, of cavity composed, cavity composed of, composed of a, of a rock, a rock under, rock under high, under high pressure, high pressure ringwoodite, pressure ringwoodite This, ringwoodite This discovery, This discovery will, discovery will allow, will allow the, allow the mineralogist, the mineralogist team, mineralogist team Steven, team Steven Jacobsen, Steven Jacobsen to, Jacobsen to move, to move on, move on the, on the path, the path of, path of the, of the theory, the theory that, theory that the, that the oceans, the oceans would, oceans would indeed, would indeed have, indeed have an, have an underground, an underground origin, underground origin However, origin However researchers, However researchers must, researchers must not, must not stop, not stop at, stop at this, at this level, this level to, level to demonstrate, to demonstrate their, demonstrate their theory, their theory without, theory without question, without question but, question but must, but must do, must do many, do many other, many other tests, other tests Source, tests Source The, Source The Verge

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