Discover these foods that prevent you from losing weight

Discover these foods that prevent you from losing weight

Discover these foods that prevent you from losing weight

Often, some people can make diets, pay attention to what they eat, have a healthy diet, nothing to do, they can not lose weight! You should know that this may be due to intolerance or food allergy, such as gluten. This allergy swells the body, creates rashes and sores.
If you have trouble losing weight, you may be intolerant to gluten, or other food. Here is the list of foods that may be behind your inability to lose weight: Soya, Milk, Wheat, Nuts, Fish and seafood, Eggs, Peanuts
Allergy to these foods can have other adverse effects on your body. Here are some symptoms of a food allergy:
Shock or circulatory collapse, Shortness of breath, Urticaria, Pale or bluish complexion, Feeling weak, Difficulty swallowing, Wheezing, Anaphylaxis, Swollen tongue, Vomiting or stomach cramps, Repetitive cough,

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