Discover these beneficial foods for your intelligence and mental health

Discover these beneficial foods for your intelligence and mental health

Discover these beneficial foods for your intelligence and mental health

It is not enough just to read and study to maintain the health of our brain. Human intelligence is also related to food! Several foods are extremely beneficial to boost our intellectual capacities:


Vegetable oils:

These fats are necessary for our mental abilities as they are rich in vitamin E and Omega-3 which neutralize the free radicals deteriorating our brain. Consider to consume, olive oil, rapeseed, nut and grape seed.


Oilseeds and dried fruits:

Because they are rich in trace elements and minerals, these foods are the products that must absolutely be consumed for the health of your brain. Zinc deficiency which is one of the minerals they contain, causes memory disorders, learning and thinking. Think of consuming hazelnuts, dried apricots, nuts, almonds, etc.


Dairy products

: Rich in protein, vitamins B12 and B2


Complete cereals

: Think of wholemeal pasta, cereals, whole rice, wholemeal bread, etc.


Fatty fish

: sardines, salmon, herring and mackerel 2 to 3 times a week.

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