Discover the incredible benefits of fasting bus water glasses

Discover the incredible benefits of fasting bus water glasses

Discover the incredible benefits of fasting bus water glasses

Did you know that drunk on an empty stomach, water was a real medicine? It is a scientific study that confirms the therapeutic benefits of water glasses bus at the rising of the bed, early morning. This is the main trend in Asia and the method has even been certified by the Japanese health authorities. It has no side effects and is recommended for:

• headache

• cardiovascular illnesses

• joint and muscle pain

• epilepsy

• overweight

• tuberculosis

• nausea

• meningitis

• O.R.L diseases

• gastritis

• diabetes

What is this therapeutic method based on water?

1. When you wake up, drink four glasses of water on an empty stomach.

2. Wait 30 to 45 minutes before drinking anything else or eating

3. After 45 minutes, eat freely. After eating, do not eat or drink anything for two hours.

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