Discover the benefits of potatoes for health

Discover the benefits of potatoes for health

Discover the benefits of potatoes for health

The potato is a vegetable that suffers from a bad reputation. Many think it makes you fat but ignore that it is full of essential nutrients. The potato is also the essential food ally of sportsmen and pasta because it is rich in complex carbohydrates and limits hypoglycaemia during exercise. Here are five other unsuspected virtues of potatoes:

• Potato is a slimming ally: Far from clichés and preconceived notions, it only brings 26 calories, as well as having a low glycemic index that provides a sensation of satiety. However, it is important to avoid frying and steaming.

• Potato fights stress: It is full of vitamin B6, essential for maintaining a balanced nervous system and producing GABA, a hormone that relaxes and reduces stress.

• Potatoes stimulate the brain: Its high content of copper, iron, vitamin C and B6 boosts memory, increases concentration and makes it a valuable ally for the brain.

• Potatoes relieve inflammation and irritation: In case of oral herpes, rubbing the irritated area with a piece of raw potato relieves and immediately soothes.

• Potato relieves kidney stones: Consuming the skin of potatoes is beneficial for those who suffer from kidney stones because it is very rich in nutrients like copper, manganese, potassium and vitamin B

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