Discover the beautiful story of Polly a mare discovered dying in a deplorable state

Discover the beautiful story of Polly a mare discovered dying in a deplorable state

Discover the beautiful story of Polly a mare discovered dying in a deplorable state

As long as there is life, there is hope. This quotation alone can summarize the life of Polly the mare. Six months ago, this young animal was found dying and very emaciated by RSPCA, a British association working to protect animals. Immediately assumed by this organization,

Polly was nursed and cared for all this time. And the efforts of these benefactors have not been in vain! Today, Polly the mare has regained all her strength and has recovered from the hair of the beast! Cuddly and affectionate, Polly testifies every day her gratitude to her rescuers.

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