Dental caries: treatment without filling and without wheel!

Dental caries: treatment without filling and without wheel!

Dental caries: treatment without filling and without wheel!

Today, there is no choice in caries treatment: you have to make a hole in the tooth and fill it with an amalgam or a composite resin, when caries are treated, the tooth enters A cycle of digging and filling, since each repair is finally provisional. A new technique does not require any drilling or filling. Named EARER (Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization), it involves stimulating the natural recalcification of the tooth.

The repair is done in two steps, explains the Guardian: first by preparing the damaged enamel then by introducing minerals (calcium and phosphate) into the damaged zone via a weak electric current. This treatment is without Pain it is more tooth-friendly and it should not be more expensive than current treatments. The icing on the cake, the same technique could be used to whiten teeth.

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whiten, teeth, Dental caries, caries treatment, treatment without, without filling, filling and, and without, without wheel, wheel Today, Today there, there is, is no, no choice, choice in, in caries, caries treatment, treatment you, you have, have to, to make, make a, a hole, hole in, in the, the tooth, tooth and, and fill, fill it, it with, with an, an amalgam, amalgam or, or a, a composite, composite resin, resin when, when caries, caries are, are treated, treated the, the tooth, tooth enters, enters A, A cycle, cycle of, of digging, digging and, and filling, filling since, since each, each repair, repair is, is finally, finally provisional, provisional A, A new, new technique, technique does, does not, not require, require any, any drilling, drilling or, or filling, filling Named, Named EARER, EARER Electrically, Electrically Accelerated, Accelerated and, and Enhanced, Enhanced Remineralization, Remineralization it, it involves, involves stimulating, stimulating the, the natural, natural recalcification, recalcification of, of the, the tooth, tooth The, The repair, repair is, is done, done in, in two, two steps, steps explains, explains the, the Guardian, Guardian first, first by, by preparing, preparing the, the damaged, damaged enamel, enamel then, then by, by introducing, introducing minerals, minerals calcium, calcium and, and phosphate, phosphate into, into the, the damaged, damaged zone, zone via, via a, a weak, weak electric, electric current, current This, This treatment, treatment is, is without, without Pain, Pain it, it is, is more, more toothfriendly, toothfriendly and, and it, it should, should not, not be, be more, more expensive, expensive than, than current, current treatments, treatments The, The icing, icing on, on the, the cake, cake the, the same, same technique, technique could, could be, be used, used to, to whiten, whiten teeth, Dental caries treatment, caries treatment without, treatment without filling, without filling and, filling and without, and without wheel, without wheel Today, wheel Today there, Today there is, there is no, is no choice, no choice in, choice in caries, in caries treatment, caries treatment you, treatment you have, you have to, have to make, to make a, make a hole, a hole in, hole in the, in the tooth, the tooth and, tooth and fill, and fill it, fill it with, it with an, with an amalgam, an amalgam or, amalgam or a, or a composite, a composite resin, composite resin when, resin when caries, when caries are, caries are treated, are treated the, treated the tooth, the tooth enters, tooth enters A, enters A cycle, A cycle of, cycle of digging, of digging and, digging and filling, and filling since, filling since each, since each repair, each repair is, repair is finally, is finally provisional, finally provisional A, provisional A new, A new technique, new technique does, technique does not, does not require, not require any, require any drilling, any drilling or, drilling or filling, or filling Named, filling Named EARER, Named EARER Electrically, EARER Electrically Accelerated, Electrically Accelerated and, Accelerated and Enhanced, and Enhanced Remineralization, Enhanced Remineralization it, Remineralization it involves, it involves stimulating, involves stimulating the, stimulating the natural, the natural recalcification, natural recalcification of, recalcification of the, of the tooth, the tooth The, tooth The repair, The repair is, repair is done, is done in, done in two, in two steps, two steps explains, steps explains the, explains the Guardian, the Guardian first, Guardian first by, first by preparing, by preparing the, preparing the damaged, the damaged enamel, damaged enamel then, enamel then by, then by introducing, by introducing minerals, introducing minerals calcium, minerals calcium and, calcium and phosphate, and phosphate into, phosphate into the, into the damaged, the damaged zone, damaged zone via, zone via a, via a weak, a weak electric, weak electric current, electric current This, current This treatment, This treatment is, treatment is without, is without Pain, without Pain it, Pain it is, it is more, is more toothfriendly, more toothfriendly and, toothfriendly and it, and it should, it should not, should not be, not be more, be more expensive, more expensive than, expensive than current, than current treatments, current treatments The, treatments The icing, The icing on, icing on the, on the cake, the cake the, cake the same, the same technique, same technique could, technique could be, could be used, be used to, used to whiten, to whiten teeth

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