Delicious banana, what can your skin be used for?

Delicious banana, what can your skin be used for?

Delicious banana, what can your skin be used for?

We all appreciate the excellent fruit of bananas. By cons, few of us know that its skin can be reused for various uses. Instead,

As fertilizer: Rich in potassium, the banana peel accelerates the growth of plants. Simply cut into small pieces and bury it at the foot of the plant

As shoe polish: Rub your shoes or the leaves of your plants natural orArtificial with a banana peel will make them shiny

Against the itching: Nothing better to soothe the skin after an insect bite than to rub it with the inner part of a banana skin

Like burns:Also the banana skin does wonders

To remove splints:Gently rub the area where there is a splinter with a piece of banana. This will facilitate its evacuation

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