Danger: Colgate has used a chemical carcinogen in its toothpaste since 1997

Danger: Colgate has used a chemical carcinogen in its toothpaste since 1997

Danger: Colgate has used a chemical carcinogen in its toothpaste since 1997

It is the health information that makes a lot of ink flow right now in the United States. Triclosan, one of the components of Colgate Total toothpaste would be carcinogenic! Moreover, it would weaken the bones of children. According to the site sudinfo.be, the product has been withdrawn from the markets in Europe as early as 2010, but not yet in the USA where the polemic swells more and more. Yet at its launch in 1997, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The highest health authority in the United States, approved its composition and sale.The manufacturers of Colgate Total defend themselves by stating that there is a danger only at high doses and that these results are only valid on animals.

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