Chase your anti-happiness food from your plate!

Chase your anti-happiness food from your plate!

Chase your anti-happiness food from your plate!

If there are foods that give energy, pep and tone to the body, there are others that trigger bad mood. By attacking the body, these foods disrupt many of its functions and cause changes both in the organs and in the secretion of hormones.

What are these foods?

Fast-food enthusiasts, beware because anti-happiness foods are usually those that contain excess fat. Stuffed with processed fats, they affect the cardiac and cognitive functions of the body. These include hamburgers, fries, pastries, sweet products, industrial prepared meals, mayonnaise ...

What is their effect?

These foods disrupt the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which negatively influences emotions and makes the person sad and angry. Studies have even shown that children who consumed too much fat and sugar were more aggressive than the norm. Moreover, these foods create a certain dependency in the individual, which pushes him to consume without stopping then a feeling of guilt takes hold of him and it is a true vicious circle that takes place.

What alternative foods?

To be happy, you have to consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cereals rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

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