Chase these misconceptions about food and sport

Chase these misconceptions about food and sport

Chase these misconceptions about food and sport

For an athlete, the quality and quantity of food he consumes is extremely important throughout the year and even more so on the eve of competitions. Here are some ideas on sports nutrition.

-Better not to drink water during physical exertion.
FALSE! Dehydration weakens the muscles and results in decreased endurance. During the competition and training, the athlete sweats and loses a lot of water. It is therefore important that he drinks and moisturizes his body to regain all his strength and avoid cramps and wounds.
-Do not eat anything just before practicing sports
FALSE! If an athlete needs to take care of his digestive system before exercise, it is essential for him to take a light meal two to three hours before the sport, consisting of whole grains, legumes, fruits and fresh vegetables.
-It must only eat pasta a few days before the effort.
FALSE! If it is recommended to refill the carbohydrates (pasta, rice ...) three days before the effort to recharge the muscles in glycogen, it is also advisable to consume white and red meats, rich in protein. But contrary to popular belief, 100g of steak does not provide 100g of protein.

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few, days, before, the, effortFALSE, If, it, is, recommended, to, refill, the, carbohydrates, pasta, rice, , three, days, before, the, effort, to, recharge, the, muscles, in, glycogen, it, is, also, advisable, to, consume, white, and, red, meats, rich, in, protein, But, contrary, to, popular, belief, 100g, of, steak, does, not, provide, 100g, of, protein, Chase these, these misconceptions, misconceptions about, about food, food and, and sport, sport For, For an, an athlete, athlete the, the quality, quality and, and quantity, quantity of, of food, food he, he consumes, consumes is, is extremely, extremely important, important throughout, throughout the, the year, year and, and even, even more, more so, so on, on the, the eve, eve of, of competitions, competitions Here, Here are, are some, some ideas, ideas on, on sports, sports nutrition, nutrition Better, Better not, not to, to drink, drink water, water during, during physical, physical exertionFALSE, exertionFALSE Dehydration, Dehydration weakens, weakens the, the muscles, muscles and, and results, results in, in decreased, decreased endurance, endurance During, During the, the competition, competition and, and training, training the, the athlete, athlete sweats, sweats and, and loses, loses a, a lot, lot of, of water, water It, It is, is therefore, therefore important, important that, that he, he drinks, drinks and, and moisturizes, moisturizes his, his body, body to, to regain, regain all, all his, his strength, strength and, and avoid, avoid cramps, cramps and, and woundsDo, woundsDo not, not eat, eat anything, anything just, just before, before practicing, practicing sportsFALSE, sportsFALSE If, If an, an athlete, athlete needs, needs to, to take, take care, care of, of his, his digestive, digestive system, system before, before exercise, exercise it, it is, is essential, essential for, for him, him to, to take, take a, a light, light meal, meal two, two to, to three, three hours, hours before, before the, the sport, sport consisting, consisting of, of whole, whole grains, grains legumes, legumes fruits, fruits and, and fresh, fresh vegetablesIt, vegetablesIt must, must only, only eat, eat pasta, pasta a, a few, few days, days before, before the, the effortFALSE, effortFALSE If, If it, it is, is recommended, recommended to, to refill, refill the, the carbohydrates, carbohydrates pasta, pasta rice, Chase these misconceptions, these misconceptions about, misconceptions about food, about food and, food and sport, and sport For, sport For an, For an athlete, an athlete the, athlete the quality, the quality and, quality and quantity, and quantity of, quantity of food, of food he, food he consumes, he consumes is, consumes is extremely, is extremely important, extremely important throughout, important throughout the, throughout the year, the year and, year and even, and even more, even more so, more so on, so on the, on the eve, the eve of, eve of competitions, of competitions Here, competitions Here are, Here are some, are some ideas, some ideas on, ideas on sports, on sports nutrition, sports nutrition Better, nutrition Better not, Better not to, not to drink, to drink water, drink water during, water during physical, during physical exertionFALSE, physical exertionFALSE Dehydration, exertionFALSE Dehydration weakens, Dehydration weakens the, weakens the muscles, the muscles and, muscles and results, and results in, results in decreased, in decreased endurance, decreased endurance During, endurance During the, During the competition, the competition and, competition and training, and training the, training the athlete, the athlete sweats, athlete sweats and, sweats and loses, and loses a, loses a lot, a lot of, lot of water, of water It, water It is, It is therefore, is therefore important, therefore important that, important that he, that he drinks, he drinks and, drinks and moisturizes, and moisturizes his, moisturizes his body, his body to, body to regain, to regain all, regain all his, all his strength, his strength and, strength and avoid, and avoid cramps, avoid cramps and, cramps and woundsDo, and woundsDo not, woundsDo not eat, not eat anything, eat anything just, anything just before, just before practicing, before practicing sportsFALSE, practicing sportsFALSE If, sportsFALSE If an, If an athlete, an athlete needs, athlete needs to, needs to take, to take care, take care of, care of his, of his digestive, his digestive system, digestive system before, system before exercise, before exercise it, exercise it is, it is essential, is essential for, essential for him, for him to, him to take, to take a, take a light, a light meal, light meal two, meal two to, two to three, to three hours, three hours before, hours before the, before the sport, the sport consisting, sport consisting of, consisting of whole, of whole grains, whole grains legumes, grains legumes fruits, legumes fruits and, fruits and fresh, and fresh vegetablesIt, fresh vegetablesIt must, vegetablesIt must only, must only eat, only eat pasta, eat pasta a, pasta a few, a few days, few days before, days before the, before the effortFALSE, the effortFALSE If, effortFALSE If it, If it is, it is recommended, is recommended to, recommended to refill, to refill the, refill the carbohydrates, the carbohydrates pasta, carbohydrates pasta rice

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