Canada Haro on Paracetamol: The Unknown Hazards of Paracetamol

Canada Haro on Paracetamol: The Unknown Hazards of Paracetamol

Canada Haro on Paracetamol: The Unknown Hazards of Paracetamol

According to Health Canada, all pain killers that contain paracetamol are hazardous to health, "especially if the recommended dose or duration is exceeded. "
The Canadian government has warned the public that drugs containing paracetamol can lead to "liver damage, which can lead to kidney failure or even death in severe cases."
Only medicines that contain paracetamol are mostly sold without a prescription. Paracetamol is found in medications such as Doliprane, Efferalgan or Tylenol.  Following the standard imposed by Health Canada, medicines will now limit the amount of paracetamol to 325 mg per tablet.
These standards will be applied to all drugs newly marketed by laboratories. With respect to drugs already on the shelves, Health Canada stated that pharmaceutical groups "have 18 months to update labels. "

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