But what are these strange red lights observed in the Pacific by a Dutch pilot?

But what are these strange red lights observed in the Pacific by a Dutch pilot?

But what are these strange red lights observed in the Pacific by a Dutch pilot?

It is by flying over russia, more precisely over the region of Kamchatka, that a Dutch pilot was able to observe the mysterious phenomenon. According to his declarations, they would look like a brazier and appeared after the bursting of a vertical white flash that seemed to come from the ground. How to explain this rare phenomenon?

If some scientists lean towards the hypothesis of a scattered polar aurora, others, like Dr. Friedmann, evoke the possibility of an energized bubbleLinked to a powerful solar wind. Despite these assumptions, the mystery of the red lights above the Pacific remains intact and an investigation has just been opened to provide convincing answers.

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But, what, are, these, strange, red, lights, observed, in, the, Pacific, by, a, Dutch, pilot, It, is, by, flying, over, russia, more, precisely, over, the, region, of, Kamchatka, that, a, Dutch, pilot, was, able, to, observe, the, mysterious, phenomenon, According, to, his, declarations, they, would, look, like, a, brazier, and, appeared, after, the, bursting, of, a, vertical, white, flash, that, seemed, to, come, from, the, ground, How, to, explain, this, rare, phenomenon, If, some, scientists, lean, toward, the, dispersed, polar, aurora, hypothesis, others, like, Dr, Friedmann, evoke, the, possibility, of, an, energetic, bubble, linked, to, a, strong, solar, wind, Despite, these, assumptions, the, mystery, of, the, red, lights, above, the, Pacific, remains, intact, and, an, investigation, has, just, been, opened, to, provide, convincing, answers, But what, what are, are these, these strange, strange red, red lights, lights observed, observed in, in the, the Pacific, Pacific by, by a, a Dutch, Dutch pilot, pilot It, It is, is by, by flying, flying over, over russia, russia more, more precisely, precisely over, over the, the region, region of, of Kamchatka, Kamchatka that, that a, a Dutch, Dutch pilot, pilot was, was able, able to, to observe, observe the, the mysterious, mysterious phenomenon, phenomenon According, According to, to his, his declarations, declarations they, they would, would look, look like, like a, a brazier, brazier and, and appeared, appeared after, after the, the bursting, bursting of, of a, a vertical, vertical white, white flash, flash that, that seemed, seemed to, to come, come from, from the, the ground, ground How, How to, to explain, explain this, this rare, rare phenomenon, phenomenon If, If some, some scientists, scientists lean, lean toward, toward the, the dispersed, dispersed polar, polar aurora, aurora hypothesis, hypothesis others, others like, like Dr, Dr Friedmann, Friedmann evoke, evoke the, the possibility, possibility of, of an, an energetic, energetic bubble, bubble linked, linked to, to a, a strong, strong solar, solar wind, wind Despite, Despite these, these assumptions, assumptions the, the mystery, mystery of, of the, the red, red lights, lights above, above the, the Pacific, Pacific remains, remains intact, intact and, and an, an investigation, investigation has, has just, just been, been opened, opened to, to provide, provide convincing, convincing answers, But what are, what are these, are these strange, these strange red, strange red lights, red lights observed, lights observed in, observed in the, in the Pacific, the Pacific by, Pacific by a, by a Dutch, a Dutch pilot, Dutch pilot It, pilot It is, It is by, is by flying, by flying over, flying over russia, over russia more, russia more precisely, more precisely over, precisely over the, over the region, the region of, region of Kamchatka, of Kamchatka that, Kamchatka that a, that a Dutch, a Dutch pilot, Dutch pilot was, pilot was able, was able to, able to observe, to observe the, observe the mysterious, the mysterious phenomenon, mysterious phenomenon According, phenomenon According to, According to his, to his declarations, his declarations they, declarations they would, they would look, would look like, look like a, like a brazier, a brazier and, brazier and appeared, and appeared after, appeared after the, after the bursting, the bursting of, bursting of a, of a vertical, a vertical white, vertical white flash, white flash that, flash that seemed, that seemed to, seemed to come, to come from, come from the, from the ground, the ground How, ground How to, How to explain, to explain this, explain this rare, this rare phenomenon, rare phenomenon If, phenomenon If some, If some scientists, some scientists lean, scientists lean toward, lean toward the, toward the dispersed, the dispersed polar, dispersed polar aurora, polar aurora hypothesis, aurora hypothesis others, hypothesis others like, others like Dr, like Dr Friedmann, Dr Friedmann evoke, Friedmann evoke the, evoke the possibility, the possibility of, possibility of an, of an energetic, an energetic bubble, energetic bubble linked, bubble linked to, linked to a, to a strong, a strong solar, strong solar wind, solar wind Despite, wind Despite these, Despite these assumptions, these assumptions the, assumptions the mystery, the mystery of, mystery of the, of the red, the red lights, red lights above, lights above the, above the Pacific, the Pacific remains, Pacific remains intact, remains intact and, intact and an, and an investigation, an investigation has, investigation has just, has just been, just been opened, been opened to, opened to provide, to provide convincing, provide convincing answers

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