Born with a head in reverse, a Brazilian surmounts his handicap and becomes ..

Born with a head in reverse, a Brazilian surmounts his handicap and becomes ..

Born with a head in reverse, a Brazilian surmounts his handicap and becomes ..

Born with a head in reverse, a Brazilian surmounts his handicap and becomes ..

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born 37 years ago in Brazil. When he was born, his parents and the doctors discovered, to their amazement, that this baby had his head thrown back. Claudio is actually suffering from a rare articulatory disease. In front of this infant with a distorted body, the doctors advised his mother to let him die of hunger because he had no chance of being cured. Fortunately, she did not. Growing up in the midst of a loving family,

Claudio defied his disability and learned to use the objects around it. He even learned to use a computer keyboard and a phone! Today, Claudio graduated in accounting from the Feira State University of Santana, has become a motivational speaker. Confident and full of real confidence in his abilities, he loves to tell his story and did his disability strength!

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Born, with, a, head, in, reverse, a, Brazilian, surmounts, his, handicap, and, becomes, Claudio, Vieira, de, Oliveira, was, born, 37, years, ago, in, Brazil, When, he, was, born, his, parents, and, the, doctors, discovered, to, their, amazement, that, this, baby, had, his, head, thrown, back, Claudio, is, actually, suffering, from, a, rare, articulatory, disease, In, front, of, this, infant, with, a, distorted, body, the, doctors, advised, his, mother, to, let, him, die, of, hunger, because, he, had, no, chance, of, being, cured, Fortunately, she, did, not, Growing, up, in, the, midst, of, a, loving, family, Claudio, defied, his, handicap, and, learned, to, use, the, objects, around, him, He, even, learned, to, use, a, computer, keyboard, and, a, phone, Today, Claudio, graduated, in, accounting, from, the, Feira, State, University, of, Santana, has, become, a, motivational, speaker, Confident, and, full, of, real, confidence, in, his, abilities, he, loves, to, tell, his, story, and, did, his, disability, strength, Born with, with a, a head, head in, in reverse, reverse a, a Brazilian, Brazilian surmounts, surmounts his, his handicap, handicap and, and becomes, becomes Claudio, Claudio Vieira, Vieira de, de Oliveira, Oliveira was, was born, born 37, 37 years, years ago, ago in, in Brazil, Brazil When, When he, he was, was born, born his, his parents, parents and, and the, the doctors, doctors discovered, discovered to, to their, their amazement, amazement that, that this, this baby, baby had, had his, his head, head thrown, thrown back, back Claudio, Claudio is, is actually, actually suffering, suffering from, from a, a rare, rare articulatory, articulatory disease, disease In, In front, front of, of this, this infant, infant with, with a, a distorted, distorted body, body the, the doctors, doctors advised, advised his, his mother, mother to, to let, let him, him die, die of, of hunger, hunger because, because he, he had, had no, no chance, chance of, of being, being cured, cured Fortunately, Fortunately she, she did, did not, not Growing, Growing up, up in, in the, the midst, midst of, of a, a loving, loving family, family Claudio, Claudio defied, defied his, his handicap, handicap and, and learned, learned to, to use, use the, the objects, objects around, around him, him He, He even, even learned, learned to, to use, use a, a computer, computer keyboard, keyboard and, and a, a phone, phone Today, Today Claudio, Claudio graduated, graduated in, in accounting, accounting from, from the, the Feira, Feira State, State University, University of, of Santana, Santana has, has become, become a, a motivational, motivational speaker, speaker Confident, Confident and, and full, full of, of real, real confidence, confidence in, in his, his abilities, abilities he, he loves, loves to, to tell, tell his, his story, story and, and did, did his, his disability, disability strength, Born with a, with a head, a head in, head in reverse, in reverse a, reverse a Brazilian, a Brazilian surmounts, Brazilian surmounts his, surmounts his handicap, his handicap and, handicap and becomes, and becomes Claudio, becomes Claudio Vieira, Claudio Vieira de, Vieira de Oliveira, de Oliveira was, Oliveira was born, was born 37, born 37 years, 37 years ago, years ago in, ago in Brazil, in Brazil When, Brazil When he, When he was, he was born, was born his, born his parents, his parents and, parents and the, and the doctors, the doctors discovered, doctors discovered to, discovered to their, to their amazement, their amazement that, amazement that this, that this baby, this baby had, baby had his, had his head, his head thrown, head thrown back, thrown back Claudio, back Claudio is, Claudio is actually, is actually suffering, actually suffering from, suffering from a, from a rare, a rare articulatory, rare articulatory disease, articulatory disease In, disease In front, In front of, front of this, of this infant, this infant with, infant with a, with a distorted, a distorted body, distorted body the, body the doctors, the doctors advised, doctors advised his, advised his mother, his mother to, mother to let, to let him, let him die, him die of, die of hunger, of hunger because, hunger because he, because he had, he had no, had no chance, no chance of, chance of being, of being cured, being cured Fortunately, cured Fortunately she, Fortunately she did, she did not, did not Growing, not Growing up, Growing up in, up in the, in the midst, the midst of, midst of a, of a loving, a loving family, loving family Claudio, family Claudio defied, Claudio defied his, defied his handicap, his handicap and, handicap and learned, and learned to, learned to use, to use the, use the objects, the objects around, objects around him, around him He, him He even, He even learned, even learned to, learned to use, to use a, use a computer, a computer keyboard, computer keyboard and, keyboard and a, and a phone, a phone Today, phone Today Claudio, Today Claudio graduated, Claudio graduated in, graduated in accounting, in accounting from, accounting from the, from the Feira, the Feira State, Feira State University, State University of, University of Santana, of Santana has, Santana has become, has become a, become a motivational, a motivational speaker, motivational speaker Confident, speaker Confident and, Confident and full, and full of, full of real, of real confidence, real confidence in, confidence in his, in his abilities, his abilities he, abilities he loves, he loves to, loves to tell, to tell his, tell his story, his story and, story and did, and did his, did his disability, his disability strength

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