Black pepper, benefits, virtues and healing powers

Black pepper, benefits, virtues and healing powers

Black pepper, benefits, virtues and healing powers

Some prefer white pepper, but black pepper is still very much appreciated by cooks. At the origin of this spicy and spicy spice, a tree called the pepper tree. Its bays, still red, are then picked up and dried in the sun. They blacken and serve to raise the taste of certain dishes but also as a remedy to cure certain diseases.

Black pepper:

▪ facilitates digestion and reduces flatulence and bloating by stimulating the taste buds that will boost the secretion of hydrochloric acid through the stomach

▪ stimulates libido by causing microvascular dilation in the sexual organs

▪ treats vitiligo (a skin disease characterized by the appearance of white spots on the face, back of the hands, intimate parts, elbows, knees ...) if it is associated with sessions of UV rays

▪ Prevents depression by increasing serotonin levels (hormone of happiness) in the body

▪ cures colds, relieves stuffy noses and soothes coughs because it has powerful antibacterial properties

▪ treats arthritis by reducing the secretion ofProstaglandin E2Which plays a key role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis

▪ facilitates smoking cessation because the essential oil of black pepper allows former smokers to resist the urge to light a cigarette

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