All you need to know about seafood and their nutritional benefits

All you need to know about seafood and their nutritional benefits

All you need to know about seafood and their nutritional benefits

Also called "sea delicacies" seafood are low calorie foods but very healthy and nutritious due to their high content of essential nutrients and low fat. However, many people refrain from eating it for many reasons. A small reminder, shellfish and shellfish (oysters, St Jacques, mussels ...), sea snails (periwinkles ...)

Sea urchins, shellfish (octopus, cuttlefish ...) and crustaceans (shrimps, lobsters, squid, crabs ...) The following is a summary of the benefits of seafood but also some widespread misconceptions .

  • Yes, seafood is an ally of choice for the heart, fluidifies the blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases, thanks in particular to their high content of oligo-elements, omega-3 and antioxidants.
  • No, it is not iodine that causes an allergy to seafood but rather the proteins they contain. It should be remembered that only 2% of the world's population is affected by this type of allergy, while food intolerances to eggs, milk and groundnuts are much more numerous.
  • Yes, seafood boost libido and prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction. Gorged with phosphorus, zinc and iodine which are stimulants, seafood is known for its aphrodisiac power.
  • No, seafood is not high fat. Rather, it is quite the opposite and many nutritionists recommend them even under a diet. They are mostly composed of water (3/4) and are full of antioxidants, essential nutrients, proteins and omega-3. A shrimp for example contains 24 calories, 35 mg of cholesterol and 0 g of lipids. An oyster has 8 calories and contains 0.2 g of lipids and 7 mg of cholesterol.
  • Yes, if they are not fresh, seafood becomes toxic especially as they stay longer than other foods in the stomach and take longer to be digested
  • No, the seafood is not without sea salt. Although these products are washed several times with clear water before landing on the market stalls, they still contain salt when you cook them. Remember that sea salt, unrefined, is beneficial to health because it contains more than 90 essential minerals whereas table salt contains only two: sodium and chlorine.
  • Yes, freshly caught seafood tastes better than frozen seafood. Be aware that seafood is kept for 48 hours in the refrigerator and that oysters can be stored for up to 10 days.
  • No, seafood does not increase cholesterol. In fact, all seafood has a high cholesterol content but they are also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids good for the body, allowing a good balance between good and bad cholesterol. However, prefer shellfish to crustaceans because they contain less saturated fatty acids.
  • Yes, seafood is seasonal as are fruits and vegetables. There are seasons to fish and consume each type of seafood, according to their production cycle. Respect for these seasons is crucial for the survival of these species. In summer, it is rather the season of shrimps, lobsters, langoustines, lobster ...

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only, 2, of, the, worlds, population, is, affected, by, this, type, of, allergy, while, food, intolerances, to, eggs, milk, and, groundnuts, are, much, more, numerous, Yes, seafood, boost, libido, and, prevent, the, risk, of, erectile, dysfunction, Gorged, with, phosphorus, zinc, and, iodine, which, are, stimulants, seafood, is, known, for, its, aphrodisiac, power, No, seafood, is, not, high, fat, Rather, it, is, quite, the, opposite, and, many, nutritionists, recommend, them, even, under, a, diet, They, are, mostly, composed, of, water, 34, and, are, full, of, antioxidants, essential, nutrients, proteins, and, omega3, A, shrimp, for, example, contains, 24, calories, 35, mg, of, cholesterol, and, 0, g, of, lipids, An, oyster, has, 8, calories, and, contains, 02, g, of, lipids, and, 7, mg, of, cholesterol, Yes, if, they, are, not, fresh, seafood, becomes, toxic, especially, as, they, stay, longer, than, other, foods, in, the, stomach, and, take, longer, to, digest, No, seafood, is, not, lacking, Although, these, products, are, washed, several, times, with, clear, water, before, landing, on, market, stalls, they, still, contain, salt, when, you, cook, them, Remember, that, sea, salt, unrefined, is, beneficial, to, health, because, it, contains, more, than, 90, essential, minerals, whereas, table, salt, contains, only, two, sodium, and, chlorine, Yes, freshly, caught, seafood, tastes, better, than, frozen, seafood, Be, aware, that, seafood, is, kept, for, 48, hours, in, the, refrigerator, and, that, oysters, can, be, stored, for, up, to, 10, days, No, seafood, does, not, increase, cholesterol, In, fact, all, seafood, has, a, high, content, In, cholesterol, but, they, are, also, rich, in, polyunsaturated, fatty, acids, good, for, the, body, which, allows, a, good, balance, between, good, and, bad, cholesterol, However, prefer, shellfish, to, crustaceans, because, they, contain, less, saturated, fatty, acids, Yes, seafood, is, seasonal, as, are, fruits, and, vegetables, There, are, seasons, to, fish, and, consume, each, type, of, seafood, according, to, their, production, cycle, Respect, for, these, seasons, is, crucial, for, the, survival, of, these, species, In, summer, it, is, rather, the, season, of, shrimps, lobsters, langoustines, lobster, , All you, you need, need to, to know, know about, about seafood, seafood and, and their, their nutritional, nutritional benefits, benefits Also, Also called, called sea, sea delicacies, delicacies seafood, seafood are, are low, low calorie, calorie foods, foods but, but very, very healthy, healthy and, and nutritious, nutritious due, due to, to their, their high, high content, content of, of essential, essential nutrients, nutrients and, and low, low fat, fat However, However many, many people, people refrain, refrain from, from eating, eating it, it for, for many, many reasons, reasons A, A small, small reminder, reminder shellfish, shellfish and, and shellfish, shellfish oysters, oysters St, St Jacques, Jacques mussels, All you need, you need to, need to know, to know about, know about seafood, about seafood and, seafood and their, and their nutritional, their nutritional benefits, nutritional benefits Also, benefits Also called, Also called sea, called sea delicacies, sea delicacies seafood, delicacies seafood are, seafood are low, are low calorie, low calorie foods, calorie foods but, foods but very, but very healthy, very healthy and, healthy and nutritious, and nutritious due, nutritious due to, due to their, to their high, their high content, high content of, content of essential, of essential nutrients, essential nutrients and, nutrients and low, and low fat, low fat However, fat However many, However many people, many people refrain, people refrain from, refrain from eating, from eating it, eating it for, it for many, for many reasons, many reasons A, reasons A small, A small reminder, small reminder shellfish, reminder shellfish and, shellfish and shellfish, and shellfish oysters, shellfish oysters St, oysters St Jacques, St Jacques mussels

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