All about emotional intelligence

All about emotional intelligence

All about emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman, one of the pioneers of emotional intelligence research, defines this concept as "Emotional Intelligence is the ability for an individual to identify, access and control his or her emotions, those of others and a group ". It is the best predictor of success in life since people with an above-average emotional quotient (EQ) are more easily faced with the demands,

Pressures and constraints of everyday life. They adapt more easily and find all the solutions, physiological and behavioral to be in adequacy with their whole environment. Thus developing his emotional intelligence makes it possible to manage the tensions, usual contributions to the search for performance and the obligation of result. This faculty increases creativity; And this by bringing together in our conscious work area the elements scattered in remote areas of the brain. Being more creative and concentrated, we increase our charism spontaneously and not calculated as the case of the manipulator. This faculty thus enables us to better communicate, analyze, react, flourish and succeed. In the background, there are about fifteen emotional resources: self-esteem, desire, sense of security, optimism, empathy, pleasure, intuition, etc. It is the level of these different resources at a time T which will determine your mode as well as the one you can activate. So, an emotionally intelligent person is one who can activate the right fitness at the right time. Obviously, there are also these 9 modes of performance of Emotional Intelligence to be mobilized at this time: trust, adaptability, persuasion, creativity, motivation, emo-regulation, relational, focus, intuitiveness.

You must then develop these abilities in you; To increase your emotional intelligence:

- Self-esteem: This is the image that you have towards yourself, and that you reflect to others. So try to improve that image as best you can so others who will value and perceive you on an excellent note. Thus you will have chiasmus spontaneously. You will know how to impose yourself naturally without having to rely on manipulation.

- The feeling of security: a shy person or an anxious person who lives rather in fear of judgment, the fear of doing wrong, of saying badly ... is always severely handicapped. It carries the lack of confidence when it is essential ingredient of any relationship.

- Body relaxation: your stress is perceived and communicated to others. In addition, body tension consumes a lot of energy. Relax to be more fluid in your movements and therefore more natural. You will thus communicate serenity, another key ingredient of trust.

- Empathy: Empathy allows you to decipher the unspoken, to know if your interlocutor is at ease, to better understand and decipher his implicit point of view. It is a sort of 6th sense.
For this, there is a trick: you sync your interlocutor! adopt the same postures, attitudes, gestures, verbal flow ... In imitating you enter in resonance with what he feels.

- Dress-code: Dressing well helps to heal one's self-esteem. Find the style that generates confidence, pride, energy, pleasure ... If you dress as a teenager, all your diplomas are worthless in the eyes of a recruiter!

- The meaning: It is through your expertise, your projects, your principles, your contacts and ideas that you are a real source of value for your interlocutors.

- Leaving his comfort zone: By letting go on your brakes, forbidden and taboos, you relax and push back the virtual limits that you have built yourself in your routine. So, approach strangers, joke with the grocer ... the goal is to make you feel easier "at home", regardless of the environment!

- Relaxation: Practice daily small relaxation exercises: nap, meditation, yoga ... to chase stress, have more concentration and achieve serenity. Your quietude and good humor will attract others to you.

- Staying in the present: If in a dispute already difficult to disentangle, we put on the carpet a previous conflict, the situation will become more complicated.

- Forgiveness: forgiving frees us from our negative emotions and allows us to progress.

Sonia ben jaballah

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areas, of, the, brain, Being, more, creative, and, concentrated, we, increase, our, charism, spontaneously, and, not, calculated, as, the, case, of, the, manipulator, This, faculty, thus, enables, us, to, better, communicate, analyze, react, flourish, and, succeed, In, the, background, there, are, about, fifteen, emotional, resources, selfesteem, desire, sense, of, security, optimism, empathy, pleasure, intuition, etc, It, is, the, level, of, these, different, resources, at, a, time, T, which, will, determine, your, mode, as, well, as, the, one, you, can, activate, So, an, emotionally, intelligent, person, is, one, who, can, activate, the, right, fitness, at, the, right, time, Obviously, there, are, also, these, 9, modes, of, performance, of, Emotional, Intelligence, to, be, mobilized, at, this, time, trust, adaptability, persuasion, creativity, motivation, emoregulation, relational, focus, intuitiveness, You, must, then, develop, these, abilities, in, you, In, order, to, increase, your, emotional, intelligence, , Selfesteem, This, is, the, image, you, have, with, regard, to, yourself, and, that, you, reflect, to, others, So, try, to, improve, that, image, as, best, you, can, so, others, who, will, value, and, perceive, you, on, an, excellent, note, Thus, you, will, have, chiasmus, spontaneously, You, will, know, how, to, impose, yourself, naturally, without, having, to, rely, on, manipulation, , The, feeling, of, security, a, shy, person, or, an, anxious, person, who, lives, rather, in, fear, of, judgment, the, fear, of, doing, wrong, of, saying, badly, , is, always, severely, handicapped, It, carries, the, lack, of, confidence, when, it, is, essential, ingredient, of, any, relationship, , Body, relaxation, your, stress, is, perceived, and, communicated, to, others, In, addition, body, tension, consumes, a, lot, of, energy, Relax, to, be, more, fluid, in, your, movements, and, therefore, more, natural, You, will, thus, communicate, serenity, other, The, key, ingredient, of, trust, , Empathy, Empathy, allows, you, to, decipher, the, unspoken, to, know, if, your, interlocutor, is, at, ease, to, better, understand, and, decipher, his, implicit, point, of, view, It, is, a, sort, of, 6th, senseFor, this, there, is, a, trick, you, sync, your, interlocutor, adopt, the, same, postures, attitudes, gestures, verbal, flow, , In, imitating, you, enter, in, resonance, with, what, he, feels, , Dresscode, Dressing, well, helps, to, heal, ones, selfesteem, Find, the, style, that, generates, confidence, pride, energy, pleasure, , If, you, dress, as, a, teenager, all, your, diplomas, are, worthless, in, the, eyes, of, a, recruiter, , The, meaning, It, is, through, your, expertise, your, projects, your, principles, your, contacts, and, ideas, that, you, are, a, real, source, of, value, for, your, interlocutors, , Leaving, his, comfort, zone, By, letting, go, on, your, brakes, forbidden, and, taboos, you, relax, and, push, back, the, virtual, limits, that, you, have, built, yourself, in, your, routine, So, approach, strangers, joke, with, the, grocer, , the, goal, is, to, make, you, feel, easier, at, home, regardless, of, the, environment, , Relaxation, Practice, daily, small, relaxation, exercises, nap, meditation, yoga, , to, chase, stress, have, more, concentration, and, achieve, serenity, Your, quietude, and, good, humor, will, attract, others, to, you, , Staying, in, the, present, If, in, a, dispute, already, difficult, to, disentangle, we, put, on, the, carpet, a, previous, conflict, the, situation, will, become, more, complicated, , Forgiveness, forgiving, frees, us, from, our, negative, emotions, and, allows, us, to, progress, Sonia, ben, jaballah, All about, about emotional, emotional intelligence, intelligence Daniel, Daniel Goleman, Goleman one, one of, of the, the pioneers, pioneers of, of emotional, emotional intelligence, intelligence research, research defines, defines this, this concept, concept as, as Emotional, Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence is, is the, the ability, ability of, of an, an individual, individual to, to identify, identify access, access and, and control, control his, his or, or her, her emotions, emotions those, those of, of others, others and, and a, a group, All about emotional, about emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence Daniel, intelligence Daniel Goleman, Daniel Goleman one, Goleman one of, one of the, of the pioneers, the pioneers of, pioneers of emotional, of emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence research, intelligence research defines, research defines this, defines this concept, this concept as, concept as Emotional, as Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence is, Intelligence is the, is the ability, the ability of, ability of an, of an individual, an individual to, individual to identify, to identify access, identify access and, access and control, and control his, control his or, his or her, or her emotions, her emotions those, emotions those of, those of others, of others and, others and a, and a group

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