Alert: Redheads are endangered

Alert: Redheads are endangered

Alert: Redheads are endangered

That's what Scoltands DNA, a firm specializing in genetic research and inheritance, says. According to the company, redheads and redheads are in danger of becoming extinct because of global warming. As we know for some time, this climatic phenomenon has serious repercussions on the planet: sea level rise, world food crisis, multiplication of natural disasters ...More surprising then, the risk of disappearance of redheads. It was Dr Alistair Moffat, DG

Scotlands DNA which affirms it. He explains that the appearance of the red color is the result of an adaptation of the hair to the cold and rainy climate of certain regions of the world with little sun. It is a genetic evolution dictated by the body in response to the lack of sunlight and therefore vitamin D. If the earth were to heat up even more as predicted by experts, then the red really disappear. However, even though they account for only 2% of world population, if they were to disappear, surely we regret not being able to come across people in flaming fire-colored hair!

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Alert, Redheads, are, endangered, Thats, what, Scoltands, DNA, a, firm, specializing, in, genetic, research, and, inheritance, says, According, to, the, company, redheads, and, redheads, are, in, danger, of, becoming, extinct, because, of, global, warming, As, we, know, for, some, time, this, climate, phenomenon, has, serious, repercussions, on, the, planet, sea, level, rise, global, food, crisis, multiplication, of, natural, disasters, , More, surprising, then, the, risk, of, disappearance, of, redheads, Dr, Alistair, Moffat, CEO, of, Scotlands, DNA, says, so, He, explains, that, the, appearance, of, the, red, color, is, the, result, of, an, adaptation, of, the, hair, to, the, cold, and, rainy, climate, of, certain, regions, of, the, world, with, little, sun, It, is, a, genetic, evolution, dictated, by, the, body, in, response, to, the, lack, of, sunlight, and, therefore, vitamin, D, If, the, earth, were, to, heat, up, even, more, as, predicted, by, experts, then, the, red, really, disappear, However, even, though, they, account, for, only, 2, of, world, population, if, they, were, to, disappear, surely, we, regret, not, being, able, to, come, across, people, in, flaming, firecolored, hair, Alert Redheads, Redheads are, are endangered, endangered Thats, Thats what, what Scoltands, Scoltands DNA, DNA a, a firm, firm specializing, specializing in, in genetic, genetic research, research and, and inheritance, inheritance says, says According, According to, to the, the company, company redheads, redheads and, and redheads, redheads are, are in, in danger, danger of, of becoming, becoming extinct, extinct because, because of, of global, global warming, warming As, As we, we know, know for, for some, some time, time this, this climate, climate phenomenon, phenomenon has, has serious, serious repercussions, repercussions on, on the, the planet, planet sea, sea level, level rise, rise global, global food, food crisis, crisis multiplication, multiplication of, of natural, natural disasters, Alert Redheads are, Redheads are endangered, are endangered Thats, endangered Thats what, Thats what Scoltands, what Scoltands DNA, Scoltands DNA a, DNA a firm, a firm specializing, firm specializing in, specializing in genetic, in genetic research, genetic research and, research and inheritance, and inheritance says, inheritance says According, says According to, According to the, to the company, the company redheads, company redheads and, redheads and redheads, and redheads are, redheads are in, are in danger, in danger of, danger of becoming, of becoming extinct, becoming extinct because, extinct because of, because of global, of global warming, global warming As, warming As we, As we know, we know for, know for some, for some time, some time this, time this climate, this climate phenomenon, climate phenomenon has, phenomenon has serious, has serious repercussions, serious repercussions on, repercussions on the, on the planet, the planet sea, planet sea level, sea level rise, level rise global, rise global food, global food crisis, food crisis multiplication, crisis multiplication of, multiplication of natural, of natural disasters

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