According to a recent study: The brain of men is not equal to that of women

According to a recent study: The brain of men is not equal to that of women

According to a recent study: The brain of men is not equal to that of women

It has been known for a long time, men and women are not the same. Here, then, is a nth study studying the difference between the two human genres and demonstrates that the male brain is far from being equal to that of the feminine. Explanations. According to this American study, men and women would not develop the same cognitive performance. Indeed, if men are more gifted in mathematics,

Women, for their part, have a better memory. On the other hand, they have the same capacity for language and communication. This study involved more than 31,000 people of both sexes, aged over 50, from 13 different European countries. In addition to the differences between the two male and female brains, this research has highlighted the fact that women who have access to education, who live in societies that respect gender equality and enjoy favorable living conditions , Are those with the most developed cognitive abilities. They would even exceed men in terms of investment and commitment.

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According, to, a, recent, study, The, brain, of, men, is, not, equal, to, that, of, women, It, has, been, known, for, a, long, time, men, and, women, are, not, the, same, Here, then, is, a, nth, study, studying, the, difference, between, the, two, human, genres, and, demonstrates, that, the, male, brain, is, far, from, being, equal, to, that, of, the, feminine, Explanations, According, to, this, American, study, men, and, women, would, not, develop, the, same, cognitive, performance, Indeed, if, men, are, more, gifted, in, mathematics, women, for, their, part, have, a, better, memory, On, the, other, hand, they, have, the, same, capacity, for, language, and, communication, This, study, involved, more, than, 31000, people, of, both, sexes, aged, over, 50, from, 13, different, European, countries, In, addition, to, the, differences, between, the, two, male, and, female, brains, this, research, has, highlighted, the, fact, that, women, who, have, access, to, education, who, live, in, societies, that, respect, gender, equality, and, enjoy, favorable, living, conditions, , Are, those, with, the, most, developed, cognitive, abilities, They, would, even, exceed, men, in, terms, of, investment, and, commitment, According to, to a, a recent, recent study, study The, The brain, brain of, of men, men is, is not, not equal, equal to, to that, that of, of women, women It, It has, has been, been known, known for, for a, a long, long time, time men, men and, and women, women are, are not, not the, the same, same Here, Here then, then is, is a, a nth, nth study, study studying, studying the, the difference, difference between, between the, the two, two human, human genres, genres and, and demonstrates, demonstrates that, that the, the male, male brain, brain is, is far, far from, from being, being equal, equal to, to that, that of, of the, the feminine, feminine Explanations, Explanations According, According to, to this, this American, American study, study men, men and, and women, women would, would not, not develop, develop the, the same, same cognitive, cognitive performance, performance Indeed, Indeed if, if men, men are, are more, more gifted, gifted in, in mathematics, mathematics women, women for, for their, their part, part have, have a, a better, better memory, memory On, On the, the other, other hand, hand they, they have, have the, the same, same capacity, capacity for, for language, language and, and communication, communication This, This study, study involved, involved more, more than, than 31000, 31000 people, people of, of both, both sexes, sexes aged, aged over, over 50, 50 from, from 13, 13 different, different European, European countries, countries In, In addition, addition to, to the, the differences, differences between, between the, the two, two male, male and, and female, female brains, brains this, this research, research has, has highlighted, highlighted the, the fact, fact that, that women, women who, who have, have access, access to, to education, education who, who live, live in, in societies, societies that, that respect, respect gender, gender equality, equality and, and enjoy, enjoy favorable, favorable living, living conditions, According to a, to a recent, a recent study, recent study The, study The brain, The brain of, brain of men, of men is, men is not, is not equal, not equal to, equal to that, to that of, that of women, of women It, women It has, It has been, has been known, been known for, known for a, for a long, a long time, long time men, time men and, men and women, and women are, women are not, are not the, not the same, the same Here, same Here then, Here then is, then is a, is a nth, a nth study, nth study studying, study studying the, studying the difference, the difference between, difference between the, between the two, the two human, two human genres, human genres and, genres and demonstrates, and demonstrates that, demonstrates that the, that the male, the male brain, male brain is, brain is far, is far from, far from being, from being equal, being equal to, equal to that, to that of, that of the, of the feminine, the feminine Explanations, feminine Explanations According, Explanations According to, According to this, to this American, this American study, American study men, study men and, men and women, and women would, women would not, would not develop, not develop the, develop the same, the same cognitive, same cognitive performance, cognitive performance Indeed, performance Indeed if, Indeed if men, if men are, men are more, are more gifted, more gifted in, gifted in mathematics, in mathematics women, mathematics women for, women for their, for their part, their part have, part have a, have a better, a better memory, better memory On, memory On the, On the other, the other hand, other hand they, hand they have, they have the, have the same, the same capacity, same capacity for, capacity for language, for language and, language and communication, and communication This, communication This study, This study involved, study involved more, involved more than, more than 31000, than 31000 people, 31000 people of, people of both, of both sexes, both sexes aged, sexes aged over, aged over 50, over 50 from, 50 from 13, from 13 different, 13 different European, different European countries, European countries In, countries In addition, In addition to, addition to the, to the differences, the differences between, differences between the, between the two, the two male, two male and, male and female, and female brains, female brains this, brains this research, this research has, research has highlighted, has highlighted the, highlighted the fact, the fact that, fact that women, that women who, women who have, who have access, have access to, access to education, to education who, education who live, who live in, live in societies, in societies that, societies that respect, that respect gender, respect gender equality, gender equality and, equality and enjoy, and enjoy favorable, enjoy favorable living, favorable living conditions

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