A strange radio signal from space would have been intercepted! Shakes astronomers

A strange radio signal from space would have been intercepted! Shakes astronomers

A strange radio signal from space would have been intercepted! Shakes astronomers

It is information that puzzles astrophysicists and arouses their curiosity. Most recently, the Arecibo radio telescope has captured very short radio pulses, called "radio bursts", from space. Yet it is not a first! In 2007, a first high intensity mysterious radio signal had already been detected

By the Parkes Observatory (Australia). Is this an irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrials?

Unlikely, experts say. Indeed, according to them, several hypotheses are possible. One of them would be that these "radio bursts" would be emitted from another galaxy, several million light years away from our planet. Another hypothesis is that of the evaporation of black holes which would produce such intergalactic sounds or that of the birth of neutron stars. It remains to be seen, which of these hypotheses is the most correct?

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hypotheses, is, the, most, correct, A strange, strange radio, radio signal, signal from, from space, space would, would have, have been, been intercepted, intercepted Shakes, Shakes astronomers, astronomers It, It is, is information, information that, that puzzles, puzzles astrophysicists, astrophysicists and, and arouses, arouses their, their curiosity, curiosity Most, Most recently, recently the, the Arecibo, Arecibo radio, radio telescope, telescope has, has captured, captured very, very short, short radio, radio pulses, pulses called, called radio, radio bursts, bursts from, from space, space Yet, Yet it, it is, is not, not a, a first, first In, In 2007, 2007 a, a first, first highintensity, highintensity mysterious, mysterious radio, radio signal, signal had, had already, already been, been detected, detected by, by the, the Parkes, Parkes Observatory, Observatory Autralie, Autralie Is, Is this, this an, an irrefutable, irrefutable proof, proof of, of the, the existence, existence of, of extraterrestrials, extraterrestrials Unlikely, Unlikely experts, experts say, say Indeed, Indeed according, according to, to them, them several, several hypotheses, hypotheses are, are possible, possible One, One of, of them, them would, would be, be that, that these, these radio, radio bursts, bursts would, would be, be emitted, emitted from, from another, another galaxy, galaxy several, several million, million light, light years, years away, away from, from our, our planet, planet Another, Another hypothesis, hypothesis is, is that, that of, of the, the evaporation, evaporation of, of black, black holes, holes which, which would, would produce, produce such, such intergalactic, intergalactic sounds, sounds or, or that, that of, of the, the birth, birth of, of neutron, neutron stars, stars It, It remains, remains to, to be, be seen, seen which, which of, of these, these hypotheses, hypotheses is, is the, the most, most correct, A strange radio, strange radio signal, radio signal from, signal from space, from space would, space would have, would have been, have been intercepted, been intercepted Shakes, intercepted Shakes astronomers, Shakes astronomers It, astronomers It is, It is information, is information that, information that puzzles, that puzzles astrophysicists, puzzles astrophysicists and, astrophysicists and arouses, and arouses their, arouses their curiosity, their curiosity Most, curiosity Most recently, Most recently the, recently the Arecibo, the Arecibo radio, Arecibo radio telescope, radio telescope has, telescope has captured, has captured very, captured very short, very short radio, short radio pulses, radio pulses called, pulses called radio, called radio bursts, radio bursts from, bursts from space, from space Yet, space Yet it, Yet it is, it is not, is not a, not a first, a first In, first In 2007, In 2007 a, 2007 a first, a first highintensity, first highintensity mysterious, highintensity mysterious radio, mysterious radio signal, radio signal had, signal had already, had already been, already been detected, been detected by, detected by the, by the Parkes, the Parkes Observatory, Parkes Observatory Autralie, Observatory Autralie Is, Autralie Is this, Is this an, this an irrefutable, an irrefutable proof, irrefutable proof of, proof of the, of the existence, the existence of, existence of extraterrestrials, of extraterrestrials Unlikely, extraterrestrials Unlikely experts, Unlikely experts say, experts say Indeed, say Indeed according, Indeed according to, according to them, to them several, them several hypotheses, several hypotheses are, hypotheses are possible, are possible One, possible One of, One of them, of them would, them would be, would be that, be that these, that these radio, these radio bursts, radio bursts would, bursts would be, would be emitted, be emitted from, emitted from another, from another galaxy, another galaxy several, galaxy several million, several million light, million light years, light years away, years away from, away from our, from our planet, our planet Another, planet Another hypothesis, Another hypothesis is, hypothesis is that, is that of, that of the, of the evaporation, the evaporation of, evaporation of black, of black holes, black holes which, holes which would, which would produce, would produce such, produce such intergalactic, such intergalactic sounds, intergalactic sounds or, sounds or that, or that of, that of the, of the birth, the birth of, birth of neutron, of neutron stars, neutron stars It, stars It remains, It remains to, remains to be, to be seen, be seen which, seen which of, which of these, of these hypotheses, these hypotheses is, hypotheses is the, is the most, the most correct

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