A red onion around the neck during the night! here's why

A red onion around the neck during the night! here's why

A red onion around the neck during the night! here's why

The onion has been known since ancient times as a remedy that cleanses the skin, killing bacteria. Its richness in phosphoric acid gives it a purifying action and heals the internal organs. Thus a Russian doctor Igor Knajzakin has rehabilitated the role of red onion in thyroid gland therapy.
In case of thyroid disease: cut a red onion in two, massage the neck in the region of the base of the neck, with the onion juice. Wrap your shot with both slices and let it act all night.
Put two slices under each foot, put on your overcoats and go to bed. This vegetable is miraculous: it purifies the air, it purifies and eliminates toxins from the body, and it eliminates bacteria and viruses.

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