A new experience of brain transmission!

A new experience of brain transmission!

A new experience of brain transmission!

For the first time in history, scientists have succeeded in transmitting a message from India to France using "the force of thought." This technology of the "output" of the brain wave of brain has reached a new stage of its development. A researcher in India managed to say "hello" and "goodbye" to others in Strasbourg without speaking, writing, or making any gesture.

The four participants in this study simply used their brain (and internet) to convey and receive the message. The Daily Mail informs that this is actually the first time that we have succeeded in exchanging information directly from one brain to another.

Another fun experiment last year by another team demonstrated the ability to control one person's muscles with another's neurons. There was also a transmission of information from one brain to another, but the movements of the receptor betrayed the cerebral exchange. This time, nothing escapes the brains.

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movements, of, the, receptor, betrayed, the, cerebral, exchange, This, time, nothing, escapes, the, brains, A new, new experience, experience of, of brain, brain transmission, transmission For, For the, the first, first time, time in, in history, history scientists, scientists have, have succeeded, succeeded in, in transmitting, transmitting a, a message, message from, from India, India to, to France, France using, using the, the force, force of, of thought, thought This, This technology, technology of, of the, the output, output of, of the, the brain, brain wave, wave of, of brain, brain has, has reached, reached a, a new, new stage, stage of, of its, its development, development A, A researcher, researcher in, in India, India managed, managed to, to say, say hello, hello and, and goodbye, goodbye to, to others, others in, in Strasbourg, Strasbourg without, without speaking, speaking writing, writing or, or making, making any, any gesture, gesture The, The four, four participants, participants in, in this, this study, study simply, simply used, used their, their brain, brain and, and internet, internet to, to convey, convey and, and receive, receive the, the message, message The, The Daily, Daily Mail, Mail informs, informs that, that this, this is, is actually, actually the, the first, first time, time that, that we, we have, have succeeded, succeeded in, in exchanging, exchanging information, information directly, directly from, from one, one brain, brain to, to another, another Another, Another fun, fun experiment, experiment last, last year, year by, by another, another team, team demonstrated, demonstrated the, the ability, ability to, to control, control one, one persons, persons muscles, muscles with, with anothers, anothers neurons, neurons There, There was, was also, also a, a transmission, transmission of, of information, information from, from one, one brain, brain to, to another, another but, but the, the movements, movements of, of the, the receptor, receptor betrayed, betrayed the, the cerebral, cerebral exchange, exchange This, This time, time nothing, nothing escapes, escapes the, the brains, A new experience, new experience of, experience of brain, of brain transmission, brain transmission For, transmission For the, For the first, the first time, first time in, time in history, in history scientists, history scientists have, scientists have succeeded, have succeeded in, succeeded in transmitting, in transmitting a, transmitting a message, a message from, message from India, from India to, India to France, to France using, France using the, using the force, the force of, force of thought, of thought This, thought This technology, This technology of, technology of the, of the output, the output of, output of the, of the brain, the brain wave, brain wave of, wave of brain, of brain has, brain has reached, has reached a, reached a new, a new stage, new stage of, stage of its, of its development, its development A, development A researcher, A researcher in, researcher in India, in India managed, India managed to, managed to say, to say hello, say hello and, hello and goodbye, and goodbye to, goodbye to others, to others in, others in Strasbourg, in Strasbourg without, Strasbourg without speaking, without speaking writing, speaking writing or, writing or making, or making any, making any gesture, any gesture The, gesture The four, The four participants, four participants in, participants in this, in this study, this study simply, study simply used, simply used their, used their brain, their brain and, brain and internet, and internet to, internet to convey, to convey and, convey and receive, and receive the, receive the message, the message The, message The Daily, The Daily Mail, Daily Mail informs, Mail informs that, informs that this, that this is, this is actually, is actually the, actually the first, the first time, first time that, time that we, that we have, we have succeeded, have succeeded in, succeeded in exchanging, in exchanging information, exchanging information directly, information directly from, directly from one, from one brain, one brain to, brain to another, to another Another, another Another fun, Another fun experiment, fun experiment last, experiment last year, last year by, year by another, by another team, another team demonstrated, team demonstrated the, demonstrated the ability, the ability to, ability to control, to control one, control one persons, one persons muscles, persons muscles with, muscles with anothers, with anothers neurons, anothers neurons There, neurons There was, There was also, was also a, also a transmission, a transmission of, transmission of information, of information from, information from one, from one brain, one brain to, brain to another, to another but, another but the, but the movements, the movements of, movements of the, of the receptor, the receptor betrayed, receptor betrayed the, betrayed the cerebral, the cerebral exchange, cerebral exchange This, exchange This time, This time nothing, time nothing escapes, nothing escapes the, escapes the brains

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