90 seconds to relieve yourself of the stiffness and pain of the neck immediately.

90 seconds to relieve yourself of the stiffness and pain of the neck immediately.

90 seconds to relieve yourself of the stiffness and pain of the neck immediately.

Most of us have a bad posture in front of the computer we would tend to over-advance our head, which moves away from the center of gravity of the spine. It is necessary, on the contrary, that the position of your neck should be perfectly parallel to your column. The wrong position of the blow irritates the muscles that support the head and spine and can cause torticollis.
Here is a technique to relieve you if you suffer from a stiff neck and neck:
- Turn your head to the painful side of the neck, and take the protruding and painful muscle between your finger and massage, in the direction of stiffness going from the outside to the inside following the path of the muscle of the neck for 5 Second and repeat this massage.
- You can also take your head in hand and make it lean towards the opposite side of the contracture, slowly and gradually. The lengthening of the painful muscle relieves pain and contracture. Start by 20 seconds at each stretch. Then stretch back 20 seconds.
- With your fist, apply a force to the painful side by countering its contracture; It will hurt a bit but it will relieve the stiffness of the neck.
A useful trick in the case of torticollis: apply an ice pack for 15 minutes three or four times a day to relieve stiffness. And adopt a good posture during sleep and face the computer.

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