9 secret tricks of chefs that will make your cooking and life easier!

9 secret tricks of chefs that will make your cooking and life easier!

9 secret tricks of chefs that will make your cooking and life easier!

Cooking can be a daily chore or a real time of fun. Here to make this task easier and more enjoyable 10 tricks of chefs who will change your life and make cooking a real relaxing moment!
- To have beautiful cubes of ice boil the water before freezing  - To check the freshness of the eggs, plunge them in cold water, if they float they are out of date, and if they remain at the bottom they are fresh.  - To cook a large quantity of eggs in the oven, 15 minutes at 160 °  - To have a good lemon juice, roll the lemon before squeezing  - Peel the ginger more easily with a spoon.  - To peel the garlic, simply put it in a closed jar and shake  - Keep your jar of ice cream in a refrigerator bag so it does not harden  - To prevent the milk from overflowing, put a wooden spoon on the pan.  - To better perfume your fish on the grill place the lemon slices below it!

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