5 lifestyles that cause depression

5 lifestyles that cause depression

5 lifestyles that cause depression

Are we depressed or do we become so? This is the second hypothesis. Indeed, it is daily stress, overwork, food imbalance, pollution, physical inactivity and several other factors that favor the appearance of depression and make life hard for us. To get rid of it, just banish a few bad habits and the trick is played!

  • Nutrient deficiency: A low daily intake of magnesium, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B12 and omega-3 weakens the body and disrupts the nervous system. Bet on chocolate, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish and flaxseed to fill up on these nutrients!
  • Fat, alcohol and sweets: Excess saturated fats, sweets, red meats, alcoholic beverages and other coloring and preservatives will cause a medium to long-term dependence. As a result, if you run out of money, you'll soon be in a bad mood.
  • Sedentariness: Sports can help keep a pretty figure, but not just. It releases endorphins, the hormones of well-being and happiness.
  • Isolating yourself: calling a specialist or talking about your worries to a close person in whom you have complete confidence is liberating. This will do you the greatest good and will help you move forward.
  • You deprive yourself of the pleasures of life: Pamper yourself, take care of yourself, offer gifts, go on a journey, discover unknown places, listen to music ... So many little pleasures that will drive depression and make you appreciate life.

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figure, but, not, just, It, releases, endorphins, the, hormones, of, wellbeing, and, happiness, Isolating, yourself, calling, a, specialist, or, talking, about, your, worries, to, a, close, person, in, whom, you, have, complete, confidence, is, liberating, This, will, do, you, the, greatest, good, and, will, help, you, move, forward, You, deprive, yourself, of, the, pleasures, of, life, Pamper, yourself, take, care, of, yourself, offer, gifts, go, on, a, journey, discover, unknown, places, listen, to, music, , So, many, little, pleasures, that, will, drive, depression, and, make, you, appreciate, life, 5 lifestyles, lifestyles that, that cause, cause depression, depression Are, Are we, we depressed, depressed or, or do, do we, we become, become so, so This, This is, is the, the second, second hypothesis, hypothesis Indeed, Indeed it, it is, is daily, daily stress, stress overwork, overwork food, food imbalance, imbalance pollution, pollution physical, physical inactivity, inactivity and, and several, several other, other factors, factors that, that favor, favor the, the appearance, appearance of, of depression, depression and, and make, make life, life hard, hard for, for us, us To, To get, get rid, rid of, of it, it just, just banish, banish a, a few, few bad, bad habits, habits and, and the, the trick, trick is, is played, played Nutrient, Nutrient deficiency, deficiency A, A low, low daily, daily intake, intake of, of magnesium, magnesium potassium, potassium folic, folic acid, acid vitamin, vitamin B12, B12 and, and omega3, omega3 weakens, weakens the, the body, body and, and disrupts, disrupts the, the nervous, nervous system, system Bet, Bet on, on chocolate, chocolate green, green leafy, leafy vegetables, vegetables fatty, fatty fish, fish and, and flaxseed, flaxseed to, to fill, fill up, up on, on these, these nutrients, nutrients Fat, Fat alcohol, alcohol and, and sweets, sweets Excess, Excess saturated, saturated fats, fats sweets, sweets red, red meats, meats alcoholic, alcoholic beverages, beverages and, and other, other coloring, coloring and, and preservatives, preservatives will, will cause, cause a, a medium, medium to, to longterm, longterm dependence, dependence As, As a, a result, result if, if you, you run, run out, out of, of money, money youll, youll soon, soon be, be in, in a, a bad, bad mood, mood Sedentariness, Sedentariness Sports, Sports can, can help, help keep, keep a, a pretty, pretty figure, figure but, but not, not just, just It, It releases, releases endorphins, endorphins the, the hormones, hormones of, of wellbeing, wellbeing and, and happiness, happiness Isolating, Isolating yourself, yourself calling, calling a, a specialist, specialist or, or talking, talking about, about your, your worries, worries to, to a, a close, close person, person in, in whom, whom you, you have, have complete, complete confidence, confidence is, is liberating, liberating This, This will, will do, do you, you the, the greatest, greatest good, good and, and will, will help, help you, you move, move forward, forward You, You deprive, deprive yourself, yourself of, of the, the pleasures, pleasures of, of life, life Pamper, Pamper yourself, yourself take, take care, care of, of yourself, yourself offer, offer gifts, gifts go, go on, on a, a journey, journey discover, discover unknown, unknown places, places listen, listen to, to music, 5 lifestyles that, lifestyles that cause, that cause depression, cause depression Are, depression Are we, Are we depressed, we depressed or, depressed or do, or do we, do we become, we become so, become so This, so This is, This is the, is the second, the second hypothesis, second hypothesis Indeed, hypothesis Indeed it, Indeed it is, it is daily, is daily stress, daily stress overwork, stress overwork food, overwork food imbalance, food imbalance pollution, imbalance pollution physical, pollution physical inactivity, physical inactivity and, inactivity and several, and several other, several other factors, other factors that, factors that favor, that favor the, favor the appearance, the appearance of, appearance of depression, of depression and, depression and make, and make life, make life hard, life hard for, hard for us, for us To, us To get, To get rid, get rid of, rid of it, of it just, it just banish, just banish a, banish a few, a few bad, few bad habits, bad habits and, habits and the, and the trick, the trick is, trick is played, is played Nutrient, played Nutrient deficiency, Nutrient deficiency A, deficiency A low, A low daily, low daily intake, daily intake of, intake of magnesium, of magnesium potassium, magnesium potassium folic, potassium folic acid, folic acid vitamin, acid vitamin B12, vitamin B12 and, B12 and omega3, and omega3 weakens, omega3 weakens the, weakens the body, the body and, body and disrupts, and disrupts the, disrupts the nervous, the nervous system, nervous system Bet, system Bet on, Bet on chocolate, on chocolate green, chocolate green leafy, green leafy vegetables, leafy vegetables fatty, vegetables fatty fish, fatty fish and, fish and flaxseed, and flaxseed to, flaxseed to fill, to fill up, fill up on, up on these, on these nutrients, these nutrients Fat, nutrients Fat alcohol, Fat alcohol and, alcohol and sweets, and sweets Excess, sweets Excess saturated, Excess saturated fats, saturated fats sweets, fats sweets red, sweets red meats, red meats alcoholic, meats alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages and, beverages and other, and other coloring, other coloring and, coloring and preservatives, and preservatives will, preservatives will cause, will cause a, cause a medium, a medium to, medium to longterm, to longterm dependence, longterm dependence As, dependence As a, As a result, a result if, result if you, if you run, you run out, run out of, out of money, of money youll, money youll soon, youll soon be, soon be in, be in a, in a bad, a bad mood, bad mood Sedentariness, mood Sedentariness Sports, Sedentariness Sports can, Sports can help, can help keep, help keep a, keep a pretty, a pretty figure, pretty figure but, figure but not, but not just, not just It, just It releases, It releases endorphins, releases endorphins the, endorphins the hormones, the hormones of, hormones of wellbeing, of wellbeing and, wellbeing and happiness, and happiness Isolating, happiness Isolating yourself, Isolating yourself calling, yourself calling a, calling a specialist, a specialist or, specialist or talking, or talking about, talking about your, about your worries, your worries to, worries to a, to a close, a close person, close person in, person in whom, in whom you, whom you have, you have complete, have complete confidence, complete confidence is, confidence is liberating, is liberating This, liberating This will, This will do, will do you, do you the, you the greatest, the greatest good, greatest good and, good and will, and will help, will help you, help you move, you move forward, move forward You, forward You deprive, You deprive yourself, deprive yourself of, yourself of the, of the pleasures, the pleasures of, pleasures of life, of life Pamper, life Pamper yourself, Pamper yourself take, yourself take care, take care of, care of yourself, of yourself offer, yourself offer gifts, offer gifts go, gifts go on, go on a, on a journey, a journey discover, journey discover unknown, discover unknown places, unknown places listen, places listen to, listen to music

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