10,000 galaxies on a single photo: the fascinating cliché of Hubble worthy of a work of art

10,000 galaxies on a single photo: the fascinating cliché of Hubble worthy of a work of art

10,000 galaxies on a single photo: the fascinating cliché of Hubble worthy of a work of art

10,000 galaxies on a single photo: the fascinating cliché of Hubble worthy of a work of art

Here is a truly fascinating snapshot taken by the American Hubble telescope and which gathers nearly 10,000 galaxies, the size of a grain of sand in the photo. Published just recently, this photo is "the most colorful" ever taken of the universe, it is said on the site of NASA. In reality, it is a meticulous assembly of 841 photos representing both the

Infrared and ultraviolet radiation, all worked with different filters. There are galaxies of different sizes and shapes. More than twenty researchers and scientists have been working there since 2002. This final photograph required a total of 600 hours of exposure. One can see in particular galaxies dating more than 10 billion years, until the ultraviolet rays emitted by these stars reach the telescope of Hubble.

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galaxies on, on a, a single, single photo, photo the, the fascinating, fascinating clich, clich of, of Hubble, Hubble worthy, worthy of, of a, a work, work of, of art, art Here, Here is, is a, a truly, truly fascinating, fascinating snapshot, snapshot taken, taken by, by the, the American, American Hubble, Hubble telescope, telescope and, and which, which gathers, gathers nearly, nearly 10000, 10000 galaxies, galaxies the, the size, size of, of a, a grain, grain of, of sand, sand in, in the, the photo, photo Published, Published just, just recently, recently this, this photo, photo is, is the, the most, most colorful, colorful ever, ever taken, taken of, of the, the universe, universe it, it is, is said, said on, on the, the site, site of, of NASA, NASA In, In fact, fact it, it is, is a, a meticulous, meticulous assembly, assembly of, of 841, 841 photos, photos representing, representing both, both infrared, infrared and, and ultraviolet, ultraviolet radiation, radiation all, all worked, worked with, with different, different filters, filters There, There are, are galaxies, galaxies of, of different, different sizes, sizes and, and shapes, shapes More, More than, than twenty, twenty researchers, researchers and, and scientists, scientists have, have been, been working, working there, there since, since 2002, 2002 This, This final, final photograph, photograph required, required a, a total, total of, of 600, 600 hours, hours of, of exposure, exposure One, One can, can see, see in, in particular, particular galaxies, galaxies dating, dating more, more than, than 10, 10 billion, billion years, years until, until the, the ultraviolet, ultraviolet rays, rays emitted, emitted by, by these, these stars, stars reach, reach the, the telescope, telescope of, of Hubble, 10000 galaxies on, galaxies on a, on a single, a single photo, single photo the, photo the fascinating, the fascinating clich, fascinating clich of, clich of Hubble, of Hubble worthy, Hubble worthy of, worthy of a, of a work, a work of, work of art, of art Here, art Here is, Here is a, is a truly, a truly fascinating, truly fascinating snapshot, fascinating snapshot taken, snapshot taken by, taken by the, by the American, the American Hubble, American Hubble telescope, Hubble telescope and, telescope and which, and which gathers, which gathers nearly, gathers nearly 10000, nearly 10000 galaxies, 10000 galaxies the, galaxies the size, the size of, size of a, of a grain, a grain of, grain of sand, of sand in, sand in the, in the photo, the photo Published, photo Published just, Published just recently, just recently this, recently this photo, this photo is, photo is the, is the most, the most colorful, most colorful ever, colorful ever taken, ever taken of, taken of the, of the universe, the universe it, universe it is, it is said, is said on, said on the, on the site, the site of, site of NASA, of NASA In, NASA In fact, In fact it, fact it is, it is a, is a meticulous, a meticulous assembly, meticulous assembly of, assembly of 841, of 841 photos, 841 photos representing, photos representing both, representing both infrared, both infrared and, infrared and ultraviolet, and ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet radiation all, radiation all worked, all worked with, worked with different, with different filters, different filters There, filters There are, There are galaxies, are galaxies of, galaxies of different, of different sizes, different sizes and, sizes and shapes, and shapes More, shapes More than, More than twenty, than twenty researchers, twenty researchers and, researchers and scientists, and scientists have, scientists have been, have been working, been working there, working there since, there since 2002, since 2002 This, 2002 This final, This final photograph, final photograph required, photograph required a, required a total, a total of, total of 600, of 600 hours, 600 hours of, hours of exposure, of exposure One, exposure One can, One can see, can see in, see in particular, in particular galaxies, particular galaxies dating, galaxies dating more, dating more than, more than 10, than 10 billion, 10 billion years, billion years until, years until the, until the ultraviolet, the ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays emitted, rays emitted by, emitted by these, by these stars, these stars reach, stars reach the, reach the telescope, the telescope of, telescope of Hubble

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