10 Foods that make beautiful (and beautiful)

10 Foods that make beautiful (and beautiful)

10 Foods that make beautiful (and beautiful)

To be beautiful or beautiful, it is not enough to have a dream plastic and a beautiful face. You still have to keep them. For this, nothing better than a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. Here are the beauty secrets of food. But hush, do not disclose them!

  • The sardine for a beautiful skin:

Eating regular fatty fish rich in omega-3 and vitamin A stimulates the natural manufacture of keratin, essential to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

  • Citrus fruits to clear the scars:

Thanks to their high vitamin C content, citrus fruits accelerate the healing process. This is also true for kiwis, strawberries and peppers.

  • Spinach for healthy teeth:

Rich in calcium and nutrient coenzyme Q10, spinach provides natural protection for teeth and gums.

  • The carrots to finish with the buttons:

Drinking regular fruit and vegetable juices (rich in fiber but also in vitamins A, B and C) and especially carrot juice helps to eliminate acne.

  • Chocolate for luscious lips:

Rich in iron, chocolate naturally plumps the lips and prevents chapping.

  • Nuts for young skin:

Nuts such as cereals or seeds and legumes are full of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process and prevents premature wrinkles.

  • Water to get rid of the pockets under the eyes:

A hydrated skin avoids the formation of pockets under the eyes. For this, nothing better than to drink two liters of water a day to avoid dehydration.

  • Garlic to relieve canker sores:

The anti-bacterial and astringent properties of garlic make it an excellent remedy for canker sores and other oral inflammations.

  • The grape for silky and invigorated hair:
  • Due to their high content of proanthocyanidin, grapes, and especially grape seeds, are valuable allies for hair that is in good shape and repels quickly.
    • Green vegetables for perfect vision:
    • Consuming green vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers and cabbage is good for visual health as they are an important source of lutein and zaxanthin, chemical compounds essential for the proper functioning of the retina.

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juices, rich, in, fiber, but, also, vitamins, A, B, and, C, and, especially, carrot, juice, helps, to, eliminate, acne, Chocolate, for, luscious, lips, Rich, in, iron, chocolate, naturally, plumps, the, lips, and, prevents, chapping, Nuts, for, young, skin, Nuts, like, cereals, or, seeds, and, legumes, are, full, of, vitamin, E, a, powerful, antioxidant, that, slows, down, the, aging, process, and, prevents, premature, appearance, of, wrinkles, Water, to, get, rid, of, the, pockets, under, the, eyes, Hydrated, skin, avoids, the, formation, of, bags, under, the, eyes, For, this, nothing, better, than, to, drink, two, liters, of, water, a, day, to, avoid, dehydration, Garlic, for, the, relief, of, canker, sores, The, antibacterial, and, astringent, properties, of, garlic, make, it, an, excellent, remedy, for, canker, sores, and, other, oral, inflammations, The, grape, for, silky, and, invigorated, hair, Thanks, to, their, high, content, of, proanthocyanidin, the, grapes, and, more, particularly, the, grape, seeds, are, precious, allies, for, hair, in, good, shape, and, which, grow, back, quickly, Green, vegetables, for, perfect, vision, Consuming, green, vegetables, such, as, spinach, cucumbers, and, cabbage, is, good, for, visual, health, as, they, are, an, important, source, of, lutein, and, zaxanthin, chemical, compounds, essential, for, the, proper, functioning, of, the, body, retina, 10 Foods, Foods that, that make, make beautiful, beautiful and, and beautiful, beautiful To, To be, be beautiful, beautiful or, or beautiful, beautiful it, it is, is not, not enough, enough to, to have, have a, a dream, dream plastic, plastic and, and a, a beautiful, beautiful face, face You, You still, still have, have to, to keep, keep them, them For, For this, this nothing, nothing better, better than, than a, a healthy, healthy lifestyle, lifestyle and, and a, a varied, varied and, and balanced, balanced diet, diet Here, Here are, are the, the beauty, beauty secrets, secrets of, of food, food But, But hush, hush do, do not, not disclose, disclose them, them Sardine, Sardine for, for a, a beautiful, beautiful skin, skin Eating, Eating regular, regular fatty, fatty fish, fish rich, rich in, in omega3, omega3 and, and vitamin, vitamin A, A stimulates, stimulates the, the natural, natural manufacture, manufacture of, of keratin, keratin essential, essential to, to keep, keep skin, skin healthy, healthy and, and hydrated, hydrated Citrus, Citrus fruits, fruits to, to erase, erase scars, scars Thanks, Thanks to, to their, their high, high content, content of, of vitamin, vitamin C, C citrus, citrus fruits, fruits accelerate, accelerate the, the healing, healing process, process This, This is, is also, also true, true for, for kiwis, kiwis strawberries, strawberries and, and peppers, peppers Spinach, Spinach for, for healthy, healthy teeth, teeth Rich, Rich in, in calcium, calcium and, and nutrient, nutrient coenzyme, coenzyme Q10, Q10 spinach, spinach provides, provides natural, natural protection, protection for, for teeth, teeth and, and gums, gums The, The carrots, carrots to, to finish, finish with, with the, the buttons, buttons Drink, Drink regularly, regularly fruit, fruit and, and vegetable, vegetable juices, juices rich, rich in, in fiber, fiber but, but also, also vitamins, vitamins A, A B, B and, and C, C and, and especially, especially carrot, carrot juice, juice helps, helps to, to eliminate, eliminate acne, acne Chocolate, Chocolate for, for luscious, luscious lips, lips Rich, Rich in, in iron, iron chocolate, chocolate naturally, naturally plumps, plumps the, the lips, lips and, and prevents, prevents chapping, chapping Nuts, Nuts for, for young, young skin, skin Nuts, Nuts like, like cereals, cereals or, or seeds, seeds and, and legumes, legumes are, are full, full of, of vitamin, vitamin E, E a, a powerful, powerful antioxidant, antioxidant that, that slows, slows down, down the, the aging, aging process, process and, and prevents, prevents premature, premature appearance, appearance of, of wrinkles, wrinkles Water, Water to, to get, get rid, rid of, of the, the pockets, pockets under, under the, the eyes, eyes Hydrated, Hydrated skin, skin avoids, avoids the, the formation, formation of, of bags, bags under, under the, the eyes, eyes For, For this, this nothing, nothing better, better than, than to, to drink, drink two, two liters, liters of, of water, water a, a day, day to, to avoid, avoid dehydration, dehydration Garlic, Garlic for, for the, the relief, relief of, of canker, canker sores, sores The, The antibacterial, antibacterial and, and astringent, astringent properties, properties of, of garlic, garlic make, make it, it an, an excellent, excellent remedy, remedy for, for canker, canker sores, sores and, and other, other oral, oral inflammations, inflammations The, The grape, grape for, for silky, silky and, and invigorated, invigorated hair, hair Thanks, Thanks to, to their, their high, high content, content of, of proanthocyanidin, proanthocyanidin the, the grapes, grapes and, and more, more particularly, particularly the, the grape, grape seeds, seeds are, are precious, precious allies, allies for, for hair, hair in, in good, good shape, shape and, and which, which grow, grow back, back quickly, quickly Green, Green vegetables, vegetables for, for perfect, perfect vision, vision Consuming, Consuming green, green vegetables, vegetables such, such as, as spinach, spinach cucumbers, cucumbers and, and cabbage, cabbage is, is good, good for, for visual, visual health, health as, as they, they are, are an, an important, important source, source of, of lutein, lutein and, and zaxanthin, zaxanthin chemical, chemical compounds, compounds essential, essential for, for the, the proper, proper functioning, functioning of, of the, the body, body retina, 10 Foods that, Foods that make, that make beautiful, make beautiful and, beautiful and beautiful, and beautiful To, beautiful To be, To be beautiful, be beautiful or, beautiful or beautiful, or beautiful it, beautiful it is, it is not, is not enough, not enough to, enough to have, to have a, have a dream, a dream plastic, dream plastic and, plastic and a, and a beautiful, a beautiful face, beautiful face You, face You still, You still have, still have to, have to keep, to keep them, keep them For, them For this, For this nothing, this nothing better, nothing better than, better than a, than a healthy, a healthy lifestyle, healthy lifestyle and, lifestyle and a, and a varied, a varied and, varied and balanced, and balanced diet, balanced diet Here, diet Here are, Here are the, are the beauty, the beauty secrets, beauty secrets of, secrets of food, of food But, food But hush, But hush do, hush do not, do not disclose, not disclose them, disclose them Sardine, them Sardine for, Sardine for a, for a beautiful, a beautiful skin, beautiful skin Eating, skin Eating regular, Eating regular fatty, regular fatty fish, fatty fish rich, fish rich in, rich in omega3, in omega3 and, omega3 and vitamin, and vitamin A, vitamin A stimulates, A stimulates the, stimulates the natural, the natural manufacture, natural manufacture of, manufacture of keratin, of keratin essential, keratin essential to, essential to keep, to keep skin, keep skin healthy, skin healthy and, healthy and hydrated, and hydrated Citrus, hydrated Citrus fruits, Citrus fruits to, fruits to erase, to erase scars, erase scars Thanks, scars Thanks to, Thanks to their, to their high, their high content, high content of, content of vitamin, of vitamin C, vitamin C citrus, C citrus fruits, citrus fruits accelerate, fruits accelerate the, accelerate the healing, the healing process, healing process This, process This is, This is also, is also true, also true for, true for kiwis, for kiwis strawberries, kiwis strawberries and, strawberries and peppers, and peppers Spinach, peppers Spinach for, Spinach for healthy, for healthy teeth, healthy teeth Rich, teeth Rich in, Rich in calcium, in calcium and, calcium and nutrient, and nutrient coenzyme, nutrient coenzyme Q10, coenzyme Q10 spinach, Q10 spinach provides, spinach provides natural, provides natural protection, natural protection for, protection for teeth, for teeth and, teeth and gums, and gums The, gums The carrots, The carrots to, carrots to finish, to finish with, finish with the, with the buttons, the buttons Drink, buttons Drink regularly, Drink regularly fruit, regularly fruit and, fruit and vegetable, and vegetable juices, vegetable juices rich, juices rich in, rich in fiber, in fiber but, fiber but also, but also vitamins, also vitamins A, vitamins A B, A B and, B and C, and C and, C and especially, and especially carrot, especially carrot juice, carrot juice helps, juice helps to, helps to eliminate, to eliminate acne, eliminate acne Chocolate, acne Chocolate for, Chocolate for luscious, for luscious lips, luscious lips Rich, lips Rich in, Rich in iron, in iron chocolate, iron chocolate naturally, chocolate naturally plumps, naturally plumps the, plumps the lips, the lips and, lips and prevents, and prevents chapping, prevents chapping Nuts, chapping Nuts for, Nuts for young, for young skin, young skin Nuts, skin Nuts like, Nuts like cereals, like cereals or, cereals or seeds, or seeds and, seeds and legumes, and legumes are, legumes are full, are full of, full of vitamin, of vitamin E, vitamin E a, E a powerful, a powerful antioxidant, powerful antioxidant that, antioxidant that slows, that slows down, slows down the, down the aging, the aging process, aging process and, process and prevents, and prevents premature, prevents premature appearance, premature appearance of, appearance of wrinkles, of wrinkles Water, wrinkles Water to, Water to get, to get rid, get rid of, rid of the, of the pockets, the pockets under, pockets under the, under the eyes, the eyes Hydrated, eyes Hydrated skin, Hydrated skin avoids, skin avoids the, avoids the formation, the formation of, formation of bags, of bags under, bags under the, under the eyes, the eyes For, eyes For this, For this nothing, this nothing better, nothing better than, better than to, than to drink, to drink two, drink two liters, two liters of, liters of water, of water a, water a day, a day to, day to avoid, to avoid dehydration, avoid dehydration Garlic, dehydration Garlic for, Garlic for the, for the relief, the relief of, relief of canker, of canker sores, canker sores The, sores The antibacterial, The antibacterial and, antibacterial and astringent, and astringent properties, astringent properties of, properties of garlic, of garlic make, garlic make it, make it an, it an excellent, an excellent remedy, excellent remedy for, remedy for canker, for canker sores, canker sores and, sores and other, and other oral, other oral inflammations, oral inflammations The, inflammations The grape, The grape for, grape for silky, for silky and, silky and invigorated, and invigorated hair, invigorated hair Thanks, hair Thanks to, Thanks to their, to their high, their high content, high content of, content of proanthocyanidin, of proanthocyanidin the, proanthocyanidin the grapes, the grapes and, grapes and more, and more particularly, more particularly the, particularly the grape, the grape seeds, grape seeds are, seeds are precious, are precious allies, precious allies for, allies for hair, for hair in, hair in good, in good shape, good shape and, shape and which, and which grow, which grow back, grow back quickly, back quickly Green, quickly Green vegetables, Green vegetables for, vegetables for perfect, for perfect vision, perfect vision Consuming, vision Consuming green, Consuming green vegetables, green vegetables such, vegetables such as, such as spinach, as spinach cucumbers, spinach cucumbers and, cucumbers and cabbage, and cabbage is, cabbage is good, is good for, good for visual, for visual health, visual health as, health as they, as they are, they are an, are an important, an important source, important source of, source of lutein, of lutein and, lutein and zaxanthin, and zaxanthin chemical, zaxanthin chemical compounds, chemical compounds essential, compounds essential for, essential for the, for the proper, the proper functioning, proper functioning of, functioning of the, of the body, the body retina

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